Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Unlucky day 77

Big Brother 19You would think that with today being day 77 in the Big Brother 19 house, we would be lucky enough to see something that was remotely interesting. Sadly, not so much. Today may be the most boring day of feeds all season.

Are there any real updates to share? Well, we do think it’s significant that Josh and Raven have been talking about secretly working together, which shows more that Raven may be starting to get set up as everyone’s favorite pawn for the remainder of the season. There are so many reasons to bring her to the end of this game as a goat! Nobody is ever going to vote for her to win since she’s done nothing all season to earn it, and to go along with that, she’s probably not going to win any competitions.

Beyond that, most of today has just been a lot of small talk. We’ve heard about Christmas’ slowly-improving ankle, the plan to get rid of Jason on Thursday night, and some more Kevin-bashing just because that is the default of so many people. There is also the plan to target Alex soon, but Paul seems to be more resistant to doing it than most since he clearly wants to keep his head in the sand until she leaves the game and someone tells her what was really going on in the house.

At this point, you may as well go to sleep as a Big Brother fan from now until Thursday, given that it’s then that things may get interesting. There was a discussion earlier this week about maybe cluing Jason in before the eviction that he’d be voted out, but not so early that he could do anything to shake things up or convince anyone to give him a vote and keep him in the game.

Things to remember

For one, Thursday night’s new episode is going to be a Double Eviction, and depending on who wins it (Kevin could do something crazy), there’s a little bit of drama there. Oh, and there’s also the vote for America’s Favorite Player. We’ve already seen a lot of campaigning going on there from different camps. It’s a tough vote this year — we like Kevin in some ways, but at the same time he hasn’t done a lot in the game. Meanwhile, Cody tried to forge a resistance against Paul; yet, he was a pretty bad player and said some pretty awful things during his time in the game. Ramses was very likable, but perceived as a rat in the game and was an early boot.

Anyhow, we’ll revisit the whole AFP discussion a little bit later in the week since there’s going to be a little more ripe discussion on this once we see a few more evictions.

What do you want to see the rest of the week on Big Brother 19, and are you waiting for Thursday night’s live eviction show to be here? Share in the comments, and head over here to get our update from earlier today. (Photo: CBS.)

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