Hawaii Five-0 season 8 spoilers: First look at Joey Lawrence!

Joey LawrenceThere are a number of different things to look forward to on the Hawaii Five-0 season 8 premiere, and the presence of Joey Lawrence is easily near the top of the list.

The photo above is your first look at the former Melissa & Joey star, who is going to be playing the role of a hacker by the name of Aaron Wright. He is the brother of Ian Wright, the infamous hacker who was previously played by Nick Jonas. Let’s just say that, (for the sake of this article) hacking really does run in the family. The presence of Aaron is going to be significant for the advancement of the story in season 8, mostly in terms of tying this back to the past and also giving the Five-0 team a very different sort of challenge. It’s one thing to take out someone who is a powerful threat out in the streets, but with a hacker it’s a little bit more challenge. As you know by now, computer issues are not exactly Steve McGarrett’s strong suit. He’s more of a jump on a moving truck and strap a car battery to his chest kinda guy.

While it is a shame what happened to Ian Wright (mostly because it’d be cool to get Nick Jonas back on the show again), Joey Lawrence should bring a great energy to the show. We do love the sinister look that he seems to have going on in the press photo above. It’s not often that we get to see Lawrence play a villain, so we are excited to see what he can do with this role.

Here’s to hoping that this is not the only Aaron Wright appearance that we’ve got on Hawaii Five-0 this season.

Joey Lawrence

What else is worth noting?

How about the new photo of Kamekona! Sure, it may seem like a pretty standard Kamekona photo, but remember for a moment that Taylor Wily has been promoted to a series regular, and you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of him this season. Maybe he won’t appear in every episode, but there could still be quite a bit for him to do and we’re excited for production to figure that out a little bit more. Personally, we want to see him involved with the task force in some way, whether he’s helping with a caper or his shrimp truck becomes part of a crime story.

If you head over to the link here, you can have a chance to check out our personal suggestions for Kamekona and all the ways we would like to see him used in Hawaii Five-0 season 8. For now, it does look as though Kamekona is just confused by whatever it is he is looking at. Maybe he learns that a shrimp competitor is all of a sudden selling similar product for better prices?

What do you think about Joey Lawrence on Hawaii Five-0?

Let us know some of your thoughts on his casting in the comments below and tell us if you think he has the chops to pull off a bad guy after spending so many years on shows playing a lovable goofball. We think he’s going to kill it in this role!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here in the event that you want to score some additional news on one of the show’s more lighthearted storylines: Keeping the dream alive for Steve and Danny in terms of their restaurant (notice we say “their” restaurant instead of Danny’s restaurant? You know that’s where it’s going).

New episodes of Hawaii Five-0 start airing on CBS Friday nights later this month and we are going to be there with you every step of the way with reviews, previews and some exclusive content so be sure to check back here at CarterMatt for all the scoop. (Photo: CBS.)

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