Supergirl season 3 spoilers: Izabela Vidovic in as (new) young Kara

Izabela VidovicSupergirl season 3 is looking at Izabela Vidovic to play a very familiar role to the show: Kara Danvers. So what’s the big twist? Well, it’s a different dimension of the Kara Danvers that you’ve come to know and love.

According to a new report coming in courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Vidovic (best known for her work on The Fosters) is going to be appearing on an upcoming episode this season as the younger version of Melissa Benoist’s character. There is a flashback-heavy installment coming up, and it’s one that teaches us more about the relationship between the Danvers sisters. This, (insofar as stories go), is incredibly important at this point in the series. We’ve seen the team behind Supergirl spending a great deal of time emphasizing various romances, but this episode will focus on the show’s most important relationship of all. This brings the characters back to high school, where they are going to find themselves involved in some sort of murder mystery. This feels almost like Riverdale when you think about it, which is made even funnier when you think for a moment about how Benoist recently visited the set of that CW show in Vancouver while sporting her Supergirl costume.

So what about the former version of young Kara, as played by Malina Weissman? Well, schedules got in the way. She is now a major part of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which means that Supergirl wanted to get a new performer who may have the flexibility to take part in their show both now and also down the road.

For the record, this isn’t the only change that is happening when it comes to these characters, as you are also going to be meeting a new version of Alex! TVLine reports that Olivia Nikkanen of The Americans is going to come on to play the part of this character on this upcoming episode, and she replaces Jordan Mazarati in the role. There are clearly a lot of little changes going on, but this isn’t all that unusual when you think about casting young actors for various shows. They often go on to do other things, and there are only so many people that Supergirl can justifiably hand series-regular promotions to in order to keep people that they may not need for more then a few stories.

New episodes of the show are going to start airing this fall on The CW, and we imagine that beyond this key flashback episode, we’re going to see a whole lot of the Danvers sisters supporting each other. Just think in terms of where they are now in their lives. For Kara, she is going to be reeling from the loss of Mon-El, who is technically still alive, but somewhere far away. Meanwhile, Alex is going to be facing some difficulties depending on what happens with Maggie. Floriana Lima is leaving as a series regular, so sooner or later that character will have to be written out for a time.

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