Preacher season 2 finale spoilers: Can Jesse perform another miracle?

Praecher season 2 finale

Are you ready for the Preacher season 2 finale to air on AMC next week? If so, then be prepared for another big hour of TV! We’re not exactly sure how this story for “End of the Road” is going to topple anything that we saw on the season 1 finale (how do you top the obliteration of an entire town?), but there could still be some heart-pounding moments for Jesse Custer and our other main characters. We could also see Jesse having a bit of a crisis, as he is unsure as to which is the right path forward and what he should do in order to get the answers that he seeks.

Below, you can get a small sampling of scoop regarding what is coming up on the Preacher season 2 finale.

Preacher season 2 finale synopsis – “Jesse questions the path ahead; Tulip uncovers a dangerous secret; Cassidy struggles with a difficult truth.”

The sneak peek below offers up a little bit of hope in that you’re going to see Jesse perform a “miracle” within a classroom, but it’s all sorts of ridiculous. It’s really seems like this is a way to remind us of some of the series’ popularity in the first place. Viewers out there enjoy this show because it takes big risks, and it isn’t afraid to go off of the beaten path if it means that it achieves a strong end result. This is smart, interesting television that does a good job of pushing the envelope.

Is the Preacher season 2 finale the end of the road?

Don’t count on that. Even though the ratings are down versus the first season, there are some reasons for that, including the fact that it is airing on a different night without much in the way of a lead-in. There’s also another consideration to remember here, and that is some of the reports out there that the show’s production in New Orleans is already gearing up for another batch of episodes. If the crew is preparing to go back to work already, it’s a pretty good sign that the show is not going anywhere … not that we really expected anything different when you think for a moment about its popularity. This is one of AMC’s premier franchises, one that does generate consistently-good buzz on social media. It’s got a legion of devoted comic fans, and we do think that the network is fond of how different it is from the rest of the other programming. Also, having Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on board as producers doesn’t hurt either.

What do you want to see on the Preacher season 2 finale? Be sure to share some more of your own expectations in the comments! Rest assured that at around the time of the finale, we’re going to have more coverage, including a debate as to when the third season of the show could premiere provided that it comes back. (Photo: AMC)

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