Game of Thrones season 8: The questions ahead for Jonerys

JonerysMrs. Carter: Is there really a future for Jonerys on Game of Thrones season 8?

Even going into season 7, there were already some theories out there as to whether or not this Jon – Daenerys romantic pairing could happen. Yet, there was always one clear issue with the idea: They’re related. Jon is actually Aegon Targeryan, the true heir to the throne. He also just so happens to be Daenerys’ nephew. It’s a strange situation that the two parties are going to find themselves in when they find out the truth about their family ties… especially now that they have bound their love for one another in a physical way. We have certainly seen incest on this show before with Cersei and Jamie Lannister, but this is quite a different take on that since Jon and Daenerys don’t know they are related. Right now they are just two people in love.

Unfortunately for Sam and Bran, the two people who have figured out the truth about Jon’s lineage, it may not be that easy for them to get in contact with Jon and the Mother of Dragons while they’re such a distance away giving this new relationship more time to grow into a deeper love. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have to remember that by the time they learn what’s going on, they could be so deeply in love that it could destroy them so deeply that neither may be able to move forward with their plans when it comes to the different kingdoms. A broken heart will do that to a person.

We know that Daenerys has long feared the Targeryan family history of incest, and could very well be horrified to learn that the man she loves shares her blood. Yet … will love overcome that? This is Game of Thrones, and if there was ever a show where love could overcome anything, it’s this show. If Cersei hadn’t kept Jaime out of the loop, odds are these two would still be in the palace together living out their romantic relationship and welcoming another child into the world. It may be taboo to many, but it’s not exactly unheard of on this show for these sort of relationships to happen. Jon’s reaction is going to be the most intriguing just because romantic relationships are still relatively new to him; Ygritte is one of his great loves, and at this point that was ages ago.

Ultimately, we can’t imagine Game of Thrones keeping this secret from the two characters too much longer — remember, there are only six episodes left until the whole series wraps up.

Could this be a bigger issue for Jonerys?

It may sound odd to say that something could be an even larger deterrent for the two characters than having blood ties and being in love, but the line of succession may be their bigger issue. Daenerys has spent the entirety of the series trying to claim something that she’s felt is rightfully hers. How will she handle learning that it’s not actually hers at all? Learning that the throne is Jon’s by blood could be devastating to her, and unless he bends the knee in this regard and abdicates his place, there could be even larger problems for the two. We know that Jon doesn’t have a huge desire to become King, so this may be one of the things that helps usher this decision along.

What do you think lies ahead for Jonerys on Game of Thrones season 8?

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