Shooter season 2 finale spoilers: The showdown with Solotov

Shooter season 2 finale

The Shooter season 2 finale is going to be airing on USA come Tuesday night, and we understand that this may be coming earlier than expected. Originally, the plan was for this season to have ten episodes, the same length as season 1. However, that plan changed when series star Ryan Phillippe broke his leg in a freak accident — given that this is such an action-heavy show, it’s hard for Bob Lee Swagger to execute some intense chase sequences when he can’t run around. Provided that the show is renewed for a third season, we assume that Phillippe will be back in fighting shape.

Ultimately, the show should be able to adjust to the change, mostly because adjusting is the name of the game for this show. After all, remember that the first season was delayed for a substantial period of time after the shootings last season. The only question we have is whether or not the series had a chance to create a fitting end for the season given that season 2 episode 8 wasn’t originally intended to be the final episode of the season. We wouldn’t be shocked if the ending here is a little more abrupt than it would’ve been otherwise, especially since this episode is really going to dive into the backstory for Solotov and is clearly building up for some sort of larger showdown for the character. Previously, we figured that this face-off would’ve taken place over the final two episodes of the season.

The synopsis below gives you a little more of an added sense as to what’s coming up.

Shooter season 2 finale synopsis – “Bob Lee tries to draw Solotov into the open, but realizes the Chechen holds the upper hand. Flashbacks reveal the origins of Solotov, while Isaac is courted by his creator in the present.”

Meanwhile, the promo (which you can check out below) gives you an additional sense of fear that Bob Lee’s hopes of making this between him and Solotov are going to crumble. His family could get caught in the crossfire, and that transforms this situation into one that is truly terrifying for him. It accents more of the dangers that come from his past, and from being a person in the present that is so notorious for what he does. We hate to use the metaphor, but he does have a target on his back.

Tomorrow, we’ll touch more on the Shooter season 3 renewal odds, but for now we’d say that there are reasons for fans to be optimistic. This is a show that performs reasonably well, and it’s able to do that despite being a little bit under-the-radar in terms of promotion.

What are your hopes for the Shooter season 2 finale, and do you think we’re going to see the series left off on some sort of tremendous cliffhanger? Let us know in the comments!

If you do want to read more news regarding Phillippe’s broken leg, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: USA.)

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