Could Bachelor in Paradise feature Peter Kraus – Bachelor reveal?

Peter Kraus - BachelorEven though it may be Labor Day, there’s still a new episode of Bachelor in Paradise airing this week. Not only that, but this episode could be more important than most! Whether it be Peter Kraus, Wells Adams, or someone else, the new star of The Bachelor could be revealed. We got a feeling that if a Peter Kraus – Bachelor announcement is made tonight, the internet could very well explode.

In a new post on Twitter, franchise creator Mike Fleiss claimed that he is “hoping to make the BIG announcement” during the new episode tonight, but also didn’t 100% confirm anything. As a matter of fact, you should know by now that it’s best to take some of these announcements from Fleiss with a grain of salt, given that this is a guy who loves to twist the arm of the internet and get them excited about things that may or may not happen. Take, for example, him taking random “polls” over the weekend and later claiming that Chris Harrison was a darkhorse candidate for the gig (he’s not). If you want to know where the Bachelor franchise gets their sense of hyperbole from, it’s clearly this guy.

Still, a Peter Kraus – Bachelor announcement, whether it be tonight or a day or two down the road, feels almost inevitable. Despite whatever ABC puts out there about him not being ready to commit, it all just feels like a smokescreen. The producers know that he is the Bachelor viewers want, and even if Peter isn’t 100% in love with doing the show, we’re sure they could persuade him into it. For the record, though, we have a feeling that he’s gotta be at least fairly receptive to the idea — if you’re going on The Bachelorette, odds are you want a certain degree of fame. Being the star of The Bachelor just accelerates that to another level.

At the moment, we consider the only other serious contender to be Wells just because he’s such a prominent part of the franchise and he’s well-liked by almost everyone. What we do like about him is that he’s a little more of an unorthodox choice given that he’s a little nerdier (something that we deeply appreciate!). With that said, Peter checks almost all of the boxes for what ABC likes in a lead — whether it be his job, his abs, or the narrative from his most-recent season. We feel like the show notably hyped much of that up during The Bachelorette knowing that the story of commitment would be a great one for The Bachelor. Let’s put it this way: If there is some sort of doubt as to whether or not Peter would propose at the end of his Bachelor season, you are greatly increasing the odds that people will tune in and watch. It’ll make that proposal at the end, if it happens, all the sweeter.

Do you want the Peter Kraus – Bachelor announcement to come tonight?

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