Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final 7 Veto Ceremony results

Final 7 Veto CeremonyThe final 7 Veto Ceremony took place in the Big Brother 19 house this morning, and breaking news: It was just as you thought. Paul used the Veto on Alex, Kevin went on the block as the replacement nominee, and either him or Jason will leave the game this Thursday. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone out there to learn that it’s probably going to be Jason leaving the game. Josh and Raven are both voting to evict Jason, which allows Christmas to serve as the tiebreaker. She and Josh will get the majority of the blood on their hands, and in turn, Paul will be able to skate even further to the cash.

Remember last week when Matt flipped out after the Veto Ceremony? Well, we’re not getting anything quite that dramatic this week. It’s pretty quiet in the house, with Jason understanding he’d remain on the block. Kevin was told by Paul to trust him, but judging from his attitude today we’re not altogether sure that he will. During a moment by himself, he claimed that he was ready to get out of the house. Do we really blame him for that? Not really after how much the house has ganged up on him.

If you remember earlier this season, one of the entertaining things about Kevin was that he carried with him an energy and zeal for the game. Even though he wasn’t the most knowledgeable player, he was really good at playing different sides of the house and keeping secrets. Unfortunately, things for him changed when Ramses and Jessica left the game. Much of the zeal that he had for the game was gone, and he was left instead in a position where Paul was one of the only allies that he had. Paul’s strung him along, and Kevin isn’t really doing much — probably because he doesn’t want to be screamed at again.

One of the few things that could be interesting over the next few days is if Kevin actually decides to throw in the towel. That screws up Paul’s plan big-time, since it means that both Alex and Jason could be together in the next Head of Household. Maybe they don’t want to target him right away, but with a Double Eviction coming, you can never be too sure. Can we add one more thing here? Of course we can; it’s our site! Anyhow, Paul needs to zip it with the constant talk about there being a Sunday eviction coming. Other than what happens when you get down to the final four week of the game, everything operates under a pretty ordinary schedule.

What do you think about the final 7 Veto Ceremony results?

Share in the comments below! Also, visit this link if you haven’t had a chance to see some of the live-feed highlights overnight. We will tease you by saying that Josh is becoming wary of Paul after thinking with his own self-interest rather than that of his alliance. (Photo: CBS)

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