Outlander season 3 notes: A familiar costume; Sophie Skelton comments

Sophie SkeltonIn today’s Outlander season 3 piece, we’ve got a couple of different subjects to discuss … but let’s start things off with the latest Sophie Skelton comments!

After making her impressive debut during the season 2 finale “Dragonfly in Amber,” Skelton’s role as Brianna is only set to increase over the course of season 3. You will see a good bit of her in some of the early episodes, as the writers explore the life story of Claire after she returns to her present and takes on a new life for herself in Boston. This is her life before she makes the decision to track down Jamie once more in the past. She has uncovered that he is still alive, and at that point it’s going to be very hard to stop her.

Want to get some more insight regarding what Bree’s emotional state will be both before and during this process? Sophie Skelton did speak on that further in a new profile/interview piece over at the Independent:

“You see a lot of the mother and daughter relationship develop. Her mother wants to go back in time to meet the love of her life, and you see Brianna mature into his woman who can say, ‘I love you enough that I can let you go back.’”

This statement is in some ways reflective already of the relationship that we anticipated seeing between Claire and Brianna throughout the season, one where the two of them finally get to know each other as people over time. Unfortunately the biggest revelation between the two is only going to come shortly before Claire leaves. Bree finally sees her mother for who she is, and then also realizes that she is going to have to let her go. That’s a tough choice for any young person to deal with, but Bree clearly has went through quite a bit over her life, including what transpires with Frank.

Some familiar fashion

We’ve heard over time that there may be some Easter eggs/rewards hidden in the third season for longtime fans of the books or those who pay attention closely to the show. Now, we’re also learning that there is going to be a few when it comes to the show’s costumes, as well!

Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, costume designer Terry Dresbach notes that you will see one of Claire’s familiar season 2 dresses at least one more time in the third season, mostly because it’s not altogether realistic for any women in this era to have dozens of dresses at their disposal:

“We are trying to be as authentic as possible … People got two or three dresses that would last them the entire lives.”

Will this authenticity be reflective to the entire story? Knowing Outlander and the amount of effort the team puts into every aspect of the show, you have to think so. Keep your eyes peeled! This is one of the many reasons why there is so much re-watchability with this show.

What do you want to see from Outlander season 3 and the story of Bree? Share below!

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