Power season 5 will explore Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan’s history

Ghost, Tommy, and KananWhen Power season 5 eventually airs on Starz, you can go ahead and prepare to see a whole lot more of Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan together. These three were working alongside each other at the end of the finale, and they all shared a reasonably common issue: Dre. over time, this man has become one of the true villains of the series, and his ties to the Jimenez make him a dangerous person to deal with. It’s all about timing, and finding the right means to go after him without making themselves feel like a target.

Is Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan working together going to be in the series’ endgame? We may be more than halfway through the series’ run judging from what show executive producer Courtney A. Kemp told TVLine:

“…We don’t have so much more of this television series to go, so we really wanted to give the audience a little bit of what they’ve been looking for [in the three working together].”

Having the three collaborating does bring the show back to the characters’ roots, and that in turn poses another question: How much of their shared history are we going to learn about? Judging from what Kemp had to say, quite a bit:

“We hinted at it earlier in the season, by putting Ghost and Kanan in a car together during the kidnapping. There’s a lot of history here, and I think the audience would love to know more about that history and more about these characters.”

As strange as it may seem, it may have taken the death of Raina for Ghost to even consider getting back with his former friend-turned-enemy Kanan. One of the things that you do have to remember especially about Ghost is that for a while, he tried to adhere to a slightly elevated sense of morality. He still killed, but he did so more out of necessity. He wasn’t actively seeking as many problems. In joining forces with Kanan once more, Ghost is effectively throwing his hands in the air and admitting that he doesn’t feel as though he deserves better. This is him taking what is directly in front of him and trying to work within that. He also knows that with his current goal of Dre in mind, Kanan is the sort of guy who could help significantly with that. He is someone who understands more than anyone how to get rid of undesirable people (because he’s done it); also, this is someone who planned meticulously to try and take out Ghost through his son, though he eventually developed so much of an affection for Tariq that he couldn’t do it (such a great storyline!).

Do you think that Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan together makes for a fun Power season 5?

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