Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Replacement nominee drama (day 75, evening)

Replacement nomineeFor our final Big Brother 19 live feed update of the night, there is an interesting division in the game to discuss. However, it’s probably not amounting to much for the time being.

If you recall, earlier today Josh and Christmas had a little bit of a spat after he decided that Paul was trying to game them by having them deal with some of the blood on their hands for evicting Jason from the game. He wants to use the Veto on Alex, and then cause a split vote to make her think that she still has his trust. It’s not that risky of a plan (Jason is obviously leaving this week), but it’s not something that he needs to do. Josh doesn’t like Paul’s idea, and he reiterated that to the camera tonight — even though his comments have fallen on deaf ears. Christmas doesn’t care that there’s likely a Double Eviction coming — Josh’s superfan status would actually help right now, if someone would listen to him.

Oh, and speaking of superfans, clearly the people who aren’t are the people who keep talking about Sunday or Monday evictions like they are something that happens all that often in the game. There’s a slightly different structure that happens at around the final four, but that’s about it. Everybody should jus settle down there.

Because of the way that Paul’s plan is set up, we’re unfortunately probably not going to be getting all that much drama tomorrow or Tuesday. Maybe right before the eviction things could get interesting, but certainly afterward they will with Alex rattled, and then realizing that there’s a Double Eviction coming up, she could struggle in that.

Other delusions tonight

We of course continue to have people feeling super-confident about their future in the game, and there were times tonight when it felt like Alex was trying to bait Raven into talking about her condition/various ailments in order to further annoy some of the people who are in the game. We feel for them for having to deal with this all that much, but in general Raven’s a frustrating person in the game. Gastroparesis is a real, serious illness, but the way that she acts and annoys the other players has caused the perception of it to not be what it should be.

Anyhow, it’s a pretty quiet night other than the discussion about tomorrow’s Veto Ceremony, so we’ll see if anything unfolds with that. Even Josh is saying tonight that while he disagrees on Paul, he’s not going to do anything since he has no intention on ever turning on him. Let’s give now a big collective “ugh” to this season.

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