Power season 4 finale reaction: Where we stand with Ghost and Angela

Ghost and AngelaThe Power season 4 finale didn’t necessarily give a big reveal when it comes to Ghost and Angela, but if there’s one thing that we know about these two characters, it’s this: It’s stupid to ever completely write them off. They’ve got a deep history with each other, they’ll always have some feelings, and they know how to cause a ruckus. There’s this attraction that they’ll always likely have, even if they know it’s bad news.

So in the wake of the season 4 finale, where Angela tried to help Tasha and showed a great deal of concern for Ghost’s whole family, where does it leave them? Well, there are going to be interesting avenues explored moving forward based on what executive producer Courtney A. Kemp had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“Angela and Ghost are really a perfect match. But because they are so much alike in terms of their incredible selfishness as characters, it will be very difficult for them to maintain a relationship. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the desire to have it work will go away or the impetus to try and make it work wouldn’t pop up again. The death of Raina is going to change a lot of the way Ghost looks at the world. Omari said to me, ‘Well, if we kill Raina, Ghost will never be the same.’ And I said, ‘Exactly.’ That’s where we are with the show… we really want to push the audience and lead them to a new place. We’re going to take risks; people won’t like everything we do, but it’s important to try to stretch the medium with a show like ours, which is a melodrama. I don’t stand on ceremony and think our show is The Grapes of Wrath — it’s a full-on melodrama. We want to see where the characters can go within reality. What happens to a person when the worst thing you can possibly imagine happens and you begin to blame yourself for it? How does that eat you inside? And how do you take your comfort? How do you stop the pain? Those are the questions that are going to come up for Ghost, and then, in any possible conversations with Angela.”

We don’t foresee anything happening with the two characters right away, but if Tasha goes to trial in the death of Ray Ray, or if Angela is just sniffing around the case, she’s in Ghost’s orbit. Ghost knows that there are strategic advantages to being in a relationship with her, just as she also knows that there are with him. The large mystery here is mostly tied to if losing Raina is going to push Ghost closer to his family, or push him elsewhere feeling all the more detached. One way or another, we just know that there needs to be more Ghost and Angela moving into Power season 5 for us to be truly satisfied. (Still, killer season 4 from start to finish — this show takes more risks than almost any other.)

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