NCIS season 15 spoilers: Duane Henry to appear in premiere

Duane HenryFor all of you Clayton Reeves fans out there, consider this NCIS season 15 news to be music to your ears: Duane Henry is in the premiere!

The photographic proof of this very thing comes (which CarterMatt has for you above), and this should give you a very-good sense that the CBS premiere isn’t making you wait this time around to see the character back in action. If you recall, this is actually the first premiere episode to feature Henry — he wasn’t in the season 14 premiere, and didn’t appear until a few episodes in. While some other cast members you get to see on a weekly basis, Henry only appears in a select number. You can see him speak more to that by heading over to the link here.

Would we love to see him appear a little bit more often? Absolutely, since in between his accent and his badass abilities he’s basically the closest thing that the show has to James Bond. He also has a good rapport with the other team members. We’d also love to learn more about his personal life, any future aspirations that he has, and who he would love to work more with on the team. Here in this photo, he’s spending a little bit of time with none other than Ducky (David McCallum) while out in the field.

It doesn’t take a whole lot in order to figure out why it would be pretty essential to get Duane Henry back for the premiere, given that the NCIS team may be feeling a little bit under-staffed when you consider their present circumstances. After all, Gibbs and McGee are down in Paraguary, where the two are doing everything that they can to survive and eventually escape. Meanwhile, some of the other characters are having to deal with the aftermath of this in their own ways. For example, you’re going to be seeing in this episode both Torres and Vance head over to Congress in order to speak more about what is actually going on here. Eventually, Gibbs and McGee will find their way back to the team, and from there we only hope that the story becomes a little bit more about how to rehabilitate them and get them closer to normal. They’re not going to be their old selves immediately! With that, we do think that there is more potential to keep Henry around, since the NCIS team is going to need a whole lot of help in order to continue operating as usua.

Are you excited to see Duane Henry turn up on the NCIS season 15 premiere, and what do you think should be coming up for Reeves? Share now in the attached comments!

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