The Walking Dead season 8 premiere wishlist: More battles; Eugene’s plan

Walking Dead season 8 premiereWith The Walking Dead season 8 premiere rapidly approaching on AMC, isn’t now a good time to take a closer look at what could be coming up? We believe so, which is why we’ve got this new CarterMatt premiere wishlist piece on that very subject! This is a show that is giving us a lot to look forward to, whether it be in terms of drama, action, danger, or despair. If you love the show (like we do), then you know already that these things come in droves.

As for what we want specifically within this first episode alone, we are going to dive into that now in the latest edition of our ongoing CarterMatt Premiere Wishlist series.

1. More battles – If we’re going to see All Out War, then we really want to get ALL OUT WAR. We don’t know exactly how to make that any clearer than this. We don’t want to spend four or five episodes gearing up to the next battle between Rick’s crew and Negan’s crew. Throw us down the hole with both sides and let us fight our way out of it with everyone else.

2. Eugene’s allegiance – We do want to learn if he is really loyal to the Saviors or if he is just trying to do what he can in order to stay alive. We refuse to believe that his current alignment is where he is going to be for good, but Eugene is a bit of a coward and he tends to stick with whoever is protecting him.

3. More moments with Carol and the team – We needed more Carol in general during season 8, so we really hope that the premiere serves as an opportunity for the writers to correct that.

4. Someone makes a move on the Scavengers – Seriously, Jadis and company are the worst. It’s no offense to the actors, but we hope this whole group is thrown in the nearest dumpster and soon. The fact that they were traitors not to be trusted reinforces this more than anything else. Just drop this storyline all together please and thank you.

5. A genuinely shocking death – Not that we’re rooting for someone to die, but the reality here is that it’s been a good year since we had a big death that shocked us. Everyone saw the death of Sasha coming thanks to Star Trek: Discovery; however, nobody saw the death of Abraham coming during the season 7 premiere. (Glenn? Well, that was in the comics.) If the show wants to reinforce that nobody is safe, then the time feels right to force someone else to meet the Grim Reaper. We may not like it and will scream about it after the fact, but in the end we’ll realize that it’s the right choice and probably not complain about it … Probably.

Now, your turn

What is on the top of your The Walking Dead season 8 premiere wishlist? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, if you do want to get some other insight on the series, be sure to head over to the link here! That’s where you can lead some additional news on the upcoming preseason special. This will air before the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead as a Talking Dead event, and will feature some producers and cast members discussing everything that is coming up in the near future. (Photo: AMC.)

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