Is Game of Thrones new tonight on HBO? The season 8 progress report

Game of Thrones newIs Game of Thrones new tonight on HBO? Let’s start this article by doing our best to get this question out of the way.

In a word, no. There’s no episode of the HBO epic tonight, and nor will there be a new episode between now and when the show returns down the road. Unfortunately, at the moment the network has not even confirmed a premiere date for that, which leaves us in an even-greater sense of ambiguity.

We still thought that, for those of you out there interesting in discussing the show’s future a little bit more, there are some details here worthy of discussion. For one, the eighth season is the final season, and it is going to be comprised of six episodes. Meanwhile, this batch of episodes is slated to begin filming a little bit later this fall. Even though there is a smaller batch of episodes being done, it may still take every bit as long as it used to some of those ten-episode seasons that the show aired until this year. For one, we’re gearing up for the possibility of some longer episodes for the stretch run of the show. Beyond that, there’s something else to consider here in the size of the show’s cast. Previously, there were so many storylines that were going across the board that you could have different camera crews working in different places to ensure that things were finished in a shorter period of time. Now, there is a much smaller cast. So many people are now dead insofar as characters go. Therefore, there’s a little less of a need to wander around from one part of Westeros to the next, and we’ve got a small core group of characters fighting against a common enemy — the Night King.

Early estimations suggest that Game of Thrones season 8 is going to premiere in either late 2018 or early 2019, but there’s no confirmation one way or another on this at the moment. HBO has no incentive to announce this until they are closer, so it may not be until early next year we start to find out more information on that.

When could we see a trailer?

Probably not until next summer, at the earliest. The luxury that HBO has at the moment is knowing that they have with this show the most-popular one in their network’s history. With that, they can choose to promote this however they want. So long as they get the word out before it premieres, there is a good chance that it will continue to set records. They just need to settle in and just try to make the best show that they possibly can.

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