Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17 spoilers: Colton Haynes returns; aftermath

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17When Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17 airs on MTV next week, there’s going to be some serious stuff that needs to be dealt with. Luckily, there is going to be someone around ready and willing to give Scott and the rest of the pack a helping hand: Colton Haynes! Jackson and Ethan (Charlie Carver) are likely going to be making appearances on this episode just based on the title alone: “Werewolves of London.” Obviously, this is a reference to a popular song, but it also could be a reference to where Jackson went after Haynes departed the show so many years ago.

Before saying anything else, can we just comment for a minute on how cool it is to actually see Colton back on the show? We give him all sorts of credit for this, given that it was an appearance that he absolutely didn’t have to make; still, it is him smiling and nodding towards a show that is in part responsible for sending him down the road to fame.

Alas, the MTV synopsis below isn’t really going to do all that great of a job of cluing you in as to what the remainder of the upcoming story could be.

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17 synopsis – “The pack reels after a shocking attack; Scott tries to [bring in] reinforcements.”

This doesn’t offer up for you that much more in the way of story insight, but we do think that it serves as a strong reminder of what the team is up against. It’s different fighting Gerard than it is some other sort of strange, supernatural entity. Many of the people who are fighting alongside him are human beings; they don’t have any powers, and they are just misguided and deluded into thinking that some of the nonsense that he is spewing out is absolutely correct. They are not an organization based on power so much as they are one based on the fear of everything else that is out there. The pack has to find a way to stop this, or at least convince some of them that hating and killing what they do not understand is not the proper way to achieve any sort of results are harmony.

Even if the return of some of our beloved characters is brief, it’s probably still well worth the price of admission.

The promo below

Consider this another reminder that Colton and Charlie are back on the show — not only are you going to see them, but you’re also going to learn that Jackson and Ethan are now in a relationship. The team needs them, given how screwed the other heroes are.

Is there anything that you are personally hoping to see on Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17, and how do you anticipate that the pack is going to deal with the latest shocker? Be sure to share in the comments below!


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