Victoria season 2 episode 2 review: Threats of paranoia and power

Victoria season 2 episode 2Through much of Victoria season 2 episode 2 on ITV Sunday night, it was clear that Albert was trying to find his way as a leader — at times, desperately so.

However, in the process what we often saw from him tonight was him trying to stray from authority … and even developing a fascination elsewhere. Enter Ada Lovelace. She is one of the most brilliant minds of her time, and a woman very much known for trying to advance what we would refer to today as computing. She was very much a pioneer in that regard. Albert admired that, but he also felt frustrated that Victoria was putting limitations on what he could do or who he couldn’t see. With that, he questioned her authority both before attending a dinner and then after the fact, when she beckoned him to leave the dinner and he question again as to whether or not it was an order.

What may have also frustrated Albert was that Victoria was keeping up a relationship with former love interest Lord Melbourne, even though he was clearly not that comfortable with the idea. It was in a conversation with him that she set up properly what was her major dilemma: She was Queen, and with that, did not want to submit to her husband.

Ultimately, the conflicts between the two parties culminated in an epic, heated argument where they questioned one another’s motives in the midst of a key reveal: The Queen’s latest pregnancy. In some ways, this only further accented her dilemma, as she found herself having to straddle the lines between being the leader of a country and fitting into a box of what a mother and wife should be.

The aftermath of the pregnancy reveal

Once both Victoria and her husband were in the know about the news, it started to spread elsewhere with additional people starting to get the information. Meanwhile, the Queen was struggling. She also received a letter from Melbourne making it clear that he would not be able to serve as the beacon of advice that she’d once hoped. She also made it clear that she didn’t have anything to worry about regarding Lady Lovelace, despite whatever she may fear. Albert was devoted to her, but was struggling.

Also, Victoria decided that she would pay a visit to Lovelace in order to see her vision, and what happened as a result of that was a valuable, informative experience. She learned that Lovelace was a mother, and that balancing motherhood with important work isn’t as impossible as she feared. She and Albert met back up in the end, embraced, and realized how reckless the two have been. They allowed their own paranoia to threaten their marriage, and make up problems that perhaps weren’t quite there.

Our overall take

Victoria season 2 episode 2 played out almost like a sitcom in terms of format, even if it is a serious drama. At the start of the hour was a dilemma — trust issues and proper roles in the marriage — and by the end, the pieces starting to be put together. We’re not there yet, but we will hopefully be before too long. If there is a criticism to utter, it’s that the story beyond the two in this episode moved at a snail’s pace. Grade: B+.

What’s coming beyond Victoria season 2 episode 2?

We’ve got a preview for episode 3 over at this link, provided that you are interested in gathering up some additional insight into what’s coming next on the series. (Photo: ITV.)

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