What does Chicago Fire season 6 change do to One Chicago crossovers?

One Chicago crossoversThere are a couple of changes in the One Chicago universe this year, but the Chicago Fire timeslot change is at the top of the list. This is a show that, from the beginning, was a staple of Tuesday nights. Now, NBC is shifting things over to Thursday for the first time, and with this slight alteration is likely to come a few seismic changes to the way that some things are done.

For example, the NBC series is no longer going to be the informant for all things to Chicago. Previously, when Chicago Fire premiered you’d get a small sense of the universe as a whole. After all, it would be hard to ignore matters pertaining to Chicago PD and Chicago Med if they in some way played a major role in what was going on with this story. Now, this role is going to be played a little bit more by Chicago PD, given that they are the show that is now airing in the timeslot earliest in the week. They now have the challenge of airing the premiere later this month without giving anything away in terms of the Chicago Fire cliffhanger. This is just a subtle change, but it should prove interesting to see what some of the larger ramifications are in the surrounding universe.

Meanwhile, there’s another interesting question pertaining to the One Chicago crossovers we often get to see. Is Chicago Fire now going to be responsible for tying storylines together. If so, there are some challenges that come with that. Previously, it made sense for Chicago Fire to lead things off given that something like a fire is often the foundation for everything else. A criminal investigation starts, and that leads to the police getting involved. Meanwhile, some of the victims may be taken over to the burn unit over at Chicago Med in order to get treatment. How do you shake things up for crossovers now? Is Chicago Fire going to air on special nights to keep its place as the lead-off, or will the writers simply come up with some creative ways in which to tell the story.

Obviously, the delay of Chicago Med until 2018 is going to have an impact on some One Chicago crossovers in its own right and it should prove interesting to see how the show handles that. As a matter of fact, be prepared for an article in the coming days discussing how that NBC show should handle starting so much later than the others, especially when it comes to relationships like Dr. Halstead and Natalie Manning, who were starting to look as though they were going to become an item at the end of season 2. What happens with them now.

How do you think all of the One Chicago crossovers will be impacted by all of the moves that have been done around in the schedule? Be sure to share in the attached comments right now!

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