Victoria season 2 episode 3 spoilers: Victoria’s silk-party situation

Victoria season 2 episode 3Are you ready for the arrival of Victoria season 2 episode 3? Well, be prepared for a party like no other … even if little at this party goes according to plan. This is an episode where the still-young Queen comes up with a way to help the nation heal, only to realize that her ideas are not as solidly-structured or as positive as she may have once hoped.

For some additional insight into all of this, one of the suggestions that we’ve got is to check out the synopsis below for what’s ahead.

Victoria season 2 episode 3 synopsis – “Discontent is growing in the country, and upon hearing the pleas of a silk weaver of Spitalfields, Victoria decides she must help. Against Peel and Albert’s advice, she hatches a plan: a fantastic medieval ball at the Palace, where the attendees have to wear costumes made from Spitalfields silk … Meanwhile, having received no recent news from Lord Melbourne, Victoria grows increasingly concerned. She sends Emma to check up on her old friend to make sure all is well … Despite his initial protestations, and struggling to find his place as a Prince Consort and husband, Albert allows himself to be seduced by the grandeur of the event, and the opportunity to finally wear a crown. When the ball arrives, it provides the perfect backdrop for old friends to reunite and romances to ignite, but it doesn’t receive the positive response from the nation that Victoria had hoped.”

Kudos once more to the fine folks over at ITV for giving us a good sense as to what’s coming in the episode in advance! We definitely do think they’re able to give a little bit more with a show like this considering that it’s so hard to spoil anything that’s already recorded in fact. We also do think that from a psychological perspective, it remains easy to understand why Albert would want to fancy himself a crown and a station of import. He’s grown up with a certain expectation of his place within the world, and it is no doubt that being with Victoria does force him to alter that worldview ever so slightly. That doesn’t mean that the alternation is worthless, but it is something that he as a man needs to understand and be aware of if he wants to properly understand who he is. The more that the series progresses, and the more we think that he will appreciate his wife’s endeavors, even if not all of them are properly executed every single second of the day. Take, for example, said silk-party.

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