Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The final 7 Veto winner (day 74, evening)

final 7 Veto winnerThe final 7 Veto today in the Big Brother house was important for many different reasons. For one, it will directly determine whether or not Jason goes home this week. Beyond that, the Veto winner may end up getting blood on their hands. While Paul, Christmas, and Josh are clearly running the show this week, they need to get rid of Alex or Jason here while they have the chance. If they don’t make a move, these two could win a ton of competitions and run the table.

The players for the Veto this week were everyone other than Josh — we are at the point now where almost everyone’s going to play. One of the interesting pre-Veto moments was actually a conversation with Josh and Christmas, where he started to have doubts about Paul as a team player. Josh is catching on that many of his moves are benefiting himself, but not so much benefiting everyone else on the team. Christmas calmed him down a little bit, and while this was interesting, we doubt it matters much right now given that Josh and Christmas have Paul as a number right now and need to preserve that.

Let’s get back to the subject matter at hand now: Who actually won the Veto? Well, in the end it was Paul who took it home! He now has a chance to pull Alex off the block if he wants to, or leave nominations the same. One way or another, Jason looks to be going home this week.

The real thing that we think Paul is in danger of right now is over-playing his hand to Josh and Christmas, who don’t want him to look like the good guy in front of the jury. He may save Alex just so that she thinks that he’s on his side, but at this point there’s not that much of a need to do that unless she wins the next Head of Household. Either way, it’s possible that Josh, if he gets frustrated with Paul for fighting to get her jury vote, goes and spills the beans that Paul is very much in the plan to get Jason out and is just removing her from the block for show.

Ultimately, there’s a little bit of time to see what happens with nominations. For now, though, it feels like almost a sure thing that Jason is going home. Nothing else matters as much.

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