Teen Wolf season 6 spoilers: Who’s in danger of dying?

Teen Wolf season 6As Teen Wolf season 6 progresses on MTV, we have to face facts: Characters are going to die. It’s happened for the entirety of the series to date, and there isn’t exactly any reason to think that this is suddenly going to change now. Why would it? There are still some enormous threats roaming around out there, with one of the biggest ones being Gerard Argent. He’s leading the hunters, and he’s a psychological threat just as much as a physical one. It’s one thing to be able to kill someone yourself; it’s another to inspire other people to do your dirty work. This is some of what Gerard excels at — he gets people to buy into some of his crazy agenda, and they are willing to do just about everything that they can in order to make him feel as though he is on their side and they are doing the right thing.

Well, over the next few episodes (starting with Sunday night’s installment), you could see a little bit more of Gerard’s plan and what it truly is. Suffice it to say, things are going to get pretty ugly pretty quickly. According to a report from TV Guide, Gerard is going to focus his energy and attention moving forward this season on attacking Scott in an indirect way. He doesn’t want to take on Tyler Posey’s character directly; instead, he wants to go after someone close to him.

Basically, what Gerard is attempting to do here is very much a classic super-villain move: He wants to cripple the hero emotionally by taking out someone who is emotionally close to the hero. He knows that in doing this, he leaves the her emotionally vulnerable and he can find some ways to exploit them more down the road. He’ll feel at that point that he has some sort of emotional control over him.

As a viewer, the one thing that you really should be prepared for is devastation. There are going to be some terrible things that happen over the final episodes of the series, and they could have you reaching for the tissue box. Even if no one dies, there are probably some other devastating events that could transpire.


What do you think is going to happen the rest of the way on Teen Wolf season 6?

Feel free to sound off with some more of your thoughts on the subject below! Meanwhile, click here in the event you want to see another important tease for Sunday’s episode: The long-awaited Scott / Malia kiss! (Photo: MTV.)

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