Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Could Jason Dent make a Veto blunder? (day 74, afternoon)

Jason DentOne of the most classic Big Brother rules, no matter the season, is this: If you’re on the block and win the Veto, save yourself. If you don’t do that, then you run the risk of looking like a complete fool on national TV. At this very moment, Jason Dent is looking as though he may be running the risk of looking like a fool.

While it is fairly typical prior to a Veto Competition for people to throw around dumb ideas, this one is especially questionable: Jason has contemplated giving Alex the Veto in the event that he wins it, given that this would mean Kevin would go up against him and the house would get rid of him instead. Paul, always the salesman, has said that the real merit of doing this comes in how it would make it harder for Kevin to campaign. For some reason, Jason seems to be buying into this notion somewhat that Kevin of all people has some modicum of influence in the house, even when the reality here is that he’s got none whatsoever. If Jason wins the Veto and doesn’t use it on himself, his game is a sinking ship.

For the record, Alex has also talked about winning and using the Veto on him, mostly because she feels more comfortable being on the block. Jason’s right to be worried; meanwhile, Alex is completely delusional in her thinking that Paul has her back and that the three of them are going to make it to the end. It seems like everyone within Paul’s alliance is going to gun for it if they can, which makes some sense given that they are up against such big challenge threats.

Most of the speculation this afternoon is that the Veto could be BB Comics, which may mean that the competition isn’t until later this evening. It hasn’t happened yet, and this would be a great time to do that. It’s a really fun competition, but also one that probably favors Paul given that he’s done it before and knows a little more about what goes into it. Alex could also fare okay, but we’re not that confident about anyone else since most of it is memory-based and about picking out key details. If you know the show well, you’re more inclined to do well at this than someone who is vaguely aware that this competition even exists.

Note that we don’t have the Veto Players confirmed as of yet, but today they really don’t matter all that much because nobody left in the game is going to presumably use the Veto. The only person who could is Kevin to save Jason, even though doing so would probably doom his game with Paul. Then again, wasn’t his game already doomed?

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