Timeless season 2 writers room opening soon; when will filming start?

Timeless season 2Isn’t it time (pen unintended) for to finally get some Timeless season 2 news? This update may be small, but it’s important!

In a new post on Twitter, the show’s writers room confirmed that the behind-the-scenes Time Team is going to be hard at work writing some new episodes and breaking story a week from Monday. We cannot even begin to say how excited this makes us! We’re going to get a chance to learn hopefully some more scoop before long on what the second season will entail, beyond of course some of what was set up during the season 1 finale. If you recall, that story ended with Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) learning that her mother (Susanna Thompson) was actually a part of the evil organization Rittenhouse the entire time and her entire future was pretty much screwed as a result.

The second season, meanwhile, will start filming in just two months! While it’s far too early at the moment to know what some of the guest-castings are going to be, it does feel fairly obvious that this is the sort of show that most performers would want to appear on. After all, just think in terms of some of the fun stuff that they get an opportunity to do here. You can wear period costumes, try out different accents, and play really iconic people in history.

The fact that we’re even getting a Timeless season 2 is still in some ways remarkable and a hard thing to really digest. After all, remember where we were in the renewal process in early May. First, it felt like the show was a longshot renewal. Then, it was canceled and everyone was looking for another home to save the show. Following all of that, it was eventually renewed for a second season in a rare reversal of fortune for the network. The one unfortunate thing is that we’re going to have to wait a good while in order to check Timeless season 2 out. Early suggestions are that the new season could premiere in the summer, or at the very least in the late spring. given the alter production time for Timeless, it’s not going to be ready most likely at the start of midseason. We just hope that everyone out there is going to be able to handle the wait. It’s going to be a rough one!

What do you want to see on Timeless season 2?

Let us know some of your thoughts and hopes for the new batch of episodes in the comments! If you missed it, you can head over to the link here to see some more insight from the show via San Diego Comic-Con over the summer. (Photo: NBC.)

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