The Blacklist season 5 teaser: James Spader lets the dominoes fall

Blacklist season 5 teaserInterested in seeing the latest The Blacklist season 5 teaser? This may not have any new footage, but it is certainly interesting.

This teaser comes courtesy of the fine folks over at City in Canada, who are picking up the show after the first four seasons aired on Global. It features a series of dominoes, an image that is very much applicable to the way sometimes that Reddington and his entire criminal operation works. When one pieces falls, many others do in their wake. That also feels somewhat like the approach that Mr. Kaplan took in her efforts to completely disassemble everything that he had worked so hard to put together. She let one piece fall by the wayside, and then after that stood idly by and watched many of the others start to crumble. This leaves Reddington moving into season 5 in a very different, desperate state. He has to figure out how he is going to recover from being relatively alone in the new season. While he may still have Dembe, that is just one person in the midst of a sea of criminals. He has to find a way to keep his head above water, while balancing the big reveal that has come out into the open: He is Liz Keen’s father, at least according to the DNA test. He has a chance to build a stronger relationship with her than ever, but then there is also Tom Keen with that suitcase. Judging from some of the teasers that are out there on that, whatever is in said suitcase could lead to another series of dominoes starting to fall.

For those wondering, part of James Spader’s narration in the teaser below is coming courtesy of The Art of War, while another part of it is some classic Reddington improvisation. We’ve transcribed much of what he has to say below (it’s both philosophical and somewhat terrifying at the same time — perfect for this character when you think about it):

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. For if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. [With there being] so much chaos in the world, a hundred battles may only be the beginning. This is going to be a gas.”

When does the Blacklist season 5 premiere?

For American viewers, later this month on NBC and in its new timeslot Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Rest assured that there is a whole lot of stuff to look forward to as we get closer to The Blacklist coming on the air. For now, we suggest that you head over to the link here, given that this is where you can get some other Blacklist season 5 teaser news related to the suitcase.

What do you think about this Canadian The Blacklist season 5 teaser? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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