Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The state of Kevin (day 74, morning)

Big Brother 19It’s the morning of day 74 in the Big Brother house, and at the moment, everyone is more or less asleep. We’re just over two weeks away from the end of the season, and when the majority of these houseguests realize just how disliked they are. Sure, it’s cynical, but we know that there are so many people who are just watching the game to be cynical and/or super-snippy at the moment. We get it. These people are by and large awful, and it’s not easy to root for them.

For one example of that, you just have to look at how Alex behaved last night surrounding Kevin coming off of being a Have-Not. First, she suggested everyone go to bed early so that nobody was able to help him make any food for himself. That didn’t happen, and then she chimed in with Big Brother for reminding Kevin not-so-subtly when his Have-Not time was over. (He was ready to dive in a minute or two early.) Basically she’s making good on her promise to be terrible at him at every turn, and there’s really no reason for this other than that she just likes to be mean. She thinks that her “petty” hat and her whole shtick is something people like, as though people being mean to others is something people can really get behind in 2017. Not so much.

Paul encouraged Kevin last night to basically sit around and shut up, mostly since that is the way for him to be safe the longest … or at least safe in a way that makes him happy. Remember that Paul’s plan is to get rid of Kevin and Raven in fourth or fifth place, and spend the next two weeks getting rid of Alex or Jason. (Did anyone hear Jason saying that he’d use the Veto on Alex if he wins it? We don’t think that this will actually happen, but it has to be one of the most ridiculous random thoughts out there.)

The Veto Competition is happening later today, and while we don’t know the players yet, it almost doesn’t matter since there’s only going to be one person who doesn’t compete. Everyone has an incentive to fight for it; Jason is the target, and he’s a pretty good competition player. If the likes of Paul, Josh, and Christmas don’t win here (provided that they are all playing), they give Jason a chance to be safe and to play in the next Head of Household Competition.

For now, we’re just invested in Kevin making it as far as possible. We don’t think that he’s got all that good a shot of being at the end (he hasn’t won a single competition), but we do hope he makes it as far as possible.

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