Zoo season 3 episode 10 review: Is everyone dead?!

Zoo season 3 episode 10There are normal cliffhangers, and then there is someone hanging on with one finger while the rocks are starting to crumble on the person trying to rescue you. This is what we ended up seeing, metaphorically speaking, at the end of Zoo season 3 episode 10. This episode started off crazy, and it ended crazier. It may also be one of the most unsettling endings to any show in recent memory. Even if we do see guns fairly often in TV these days (the frequency of it is a debate to have at a different time), there is something really visceral that comes from seeing someone like Abigail Westbrook shoot multiple people at point-blank range in just a matter of minutes.

Here’s what you should wonder: How many of these people are actually dead? Abigail didn’t go for any headshots, so Jamie, Mitch, and Jackson could make it. We’re a little more worried for Abraham given that he was stabbed in a way where he could easily bleed out. The entire debate about keeping Abigail alive for the sake of getting what she knows also probably wasn’t the most effective plan in the world. It doesn’t matter if she was assumed to be dead and gone at one point. The reality, in the end, was that she wasn’t. She’s back, presumably more dangerous than ever, and ready to use some of her nests all over the world to start hybrid warfare.

There were a lot of different story elements in this episode that, while exciting, didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Take, for example, Dariela decided to go to work mere days after saying that she wanted to move Isaac away from all of the madness for a while. You can also probably quibble with how uneventful some of the nest hatches felt after getting teased with that so much at the end of this past episode.

Here’s some good news: Mr. Duncan is gone! Jamie now has Mitch Morgan back, or at least she did prior to him getting shot. She didn’t get all of the information she wanted from Duncan, so she’ll just have to settle with whatever she has and hope that’s enough in order to resolve things in the end. Other would-be good news is that Clementine and her baby are still alive, but the pregnancy had to be accelerated in order to ensure that there aren’t any additional complications. At the end of the episode she looked ready to deliver the child, with the big problem being that there aren’t too many people around in order to help the baby enter this crazy world.

Did Zoo season 3 episode 10 shoot too much for the moon?

In terms of cultivating intensity and creating a shocking ending, Zoo season 3 episode 10 has to be one of the best of the season. The big issue with it is that there was almost no time to stop and breathe at any point. We know that this is a show that tosses logic to the wind, and we’re fine with that most of the time. We do still like to know what motivates people more often than not, and there wasn’t a whole lot of focus put on motives or emotions this week. It was more all action, all the time, and if Game of Thrones is going to be criticized for this, so should Zoo or any other show.

This was still an episode that left us at the edge of our seat. Unfortunately, in the end it’s also one that left us with a whole lot of questions about why people did what they did over the course of the hour. Did Jackson brief everyone on Abigail enough, and did Jamie make too many assumptions in her plan? Hopefully, some answers will come before long. Grade: B.

What did you think about Zoo season 3 episode 10, and who do you feel is still alive? Feel free to share some of your thoughts in the attached comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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