Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: HoH expectations (day 72)

HoH expectationsThe next Big Brother 19 live eviction show is airing on Thursday night, so why not spend some time talking HoH expectations?

Before getting too much into that, though, a reminder that our review for tonight’s episode will be a little bit later than usual. Why is that? We’re going to be at a live eviction show for the second straight year! This is a fun chance to see how the metaphorical sausage (or slop that Matt won’t eat) is made, and we’re especially curious to see tonight how the audience reacts to someone like Matt who did nothing all game and also refused to follow the rules over the past few days. We certainly understand that there are people out there who want to boo him.

We’re just assuming that Matt is leaving tonight just because there’s no reason for anyone to do something different. Raven isn’t a threat for any reason other than she may burst an eardrum or two with some of her shouting. She’s probably good for at least final five except in the event of a couple of freak scenarios. Take, for example, Alex winning Head of Household tonight and nominating her and Kevin. There could be an interesting debate that unfolds from there as to what the other players should do. There’s logic in keeping Kevin since he hates Alex, but time will tell.

Our HoH expectations tonight are that there’s going to be some sort of questions that take place live on the show, given that there is no online hype for an endurance competition and there’s also no preparation going on for some sort of carnival game. This is a challenge that probably benefits someone like Paul, Christmas, Alex, or Josh, given that we’ve seen all of them study a substantial amount in this game. Part of it could also be based, though, on what the format is. If it’s something where people can be eliminated by other houseguests, Alex is screwed given that Jason is the target this week.

We find ourselves in a very difficult pickle at the moment, given that Alex’s behavior the past few days has been so appalling that it’s hard to root for her. Therefore, we almost are rooting for predictability, and that is something that we’ve been bummed out about for most of the season. Sometimes, weird things just happen in this game when you get attached to certain players — or, in this case, when you grow so agitated at other ones. Kevin is the person who is easily the most likable, but he probably has little chance of winning.

If you missed it, you can head over here to read more of our take on Matt as a player this season … of course, you may have to define what a player even is first. (Photo: CBS.)

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