When could Narcos season 4 premiere on Netflix? The story continues…

Narcos season 4

While you’re awaiting (or watching) Narcos season 3 on Netflix, know that Narcos season 4 is still coming on the horizon.

It may be easy to forget about in a world where the vast majority of shows tend to get single-season renewals the majority of the time, but Netflix actually first greenlit a Narcos season 4 back last year after the success of the second season. Jose Padilha and Eric Newman are set to continue on as the showrunners, and the plan right now is for the series to continue to demonstrate more of what the culture and history for the drug trade really is. This is a show that loves being able to tell stories from its unique point of view, and for the time being there is virtually zero evidence of anything coming in and slowing that process down in any way.

One of the reasons why Netflix gave that early two-season renewal is pretty simple: Narcos is one of their biggest international hits. Given that it chronicles a history that takes place in a different part of the world, the show has a very robust audience of people who love the show for a wide array of different reasons. Even losing Pablo Escobar after the first two seasons doesn’t seem to be diminishing a whole lot of the hype that is currently out there at the moment about the third.

The first three seasons of the show have all premiered around roughly the same time in late August / early September. When you think for a moment about that, there’s virtually no reason for things to change at all here. It’s the time of year that works well for the show, and obviously the writers and production people have figured out a way to have their stories ready to go in one year’s time. That may seem like a given that they would be, but it’s far from the case these days when there are more TV shows than ever taking extended hiatuses for a wide array of different reasons. Netflix is even allowing that with some of their own shows including Master of None.

What do you want to see in terms of Narcos season 4?

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