MasterChef season 8 episode 14 review: Some tag-team trouble

MasterChef season 8 episode 14Through MasterChef season 8 episode 14, one of the biggest reactions that we had was an eagerness to go out for breakfast. Beyond that, we also certainly had an interest in Mexican food later. This was a very good episode just in terms of tasting envy!

Also, it was an interesting one when it comes to drama and how mindset really is a huge part of how people do in the kitchen — especially in a tag-team challenge. Take, for example, someone like Caitlin, who ended up going home at the end of the hour. We understand what when you’re working with a guy like Jeff, it can be very hard in order to get a word in edgewise. He doesn’t listen all of the time in that environment and he’s loud — you need to approach him with everything that he’s approaching you with. Caitlin didn’t do that, he ran amok, and the entire team fell apart.

We have to say when it comes to predictability, it was easy to see this coming. Sure, it was easy to say that Jeff should’ve gone home over Caitlin, but at the same time at least he was a little more proactive in the challenge. She didn’t do enough to convince them that she should say.

On the flip side, tonight Gabriel’s mindset showed why, for the first time, he may be a serious contender this season. He was creative, present, and inspired. He had some struggles when it comes to getting Daniel to speak up, but the two delivered one of the best Mexican food platters of the night. The only team that topped them was Dino and Cate, which didn’t shock us given that they’ve been favorites in the kitchen for most of the season. It was a little shocking seeing Yachecia and Eboni struggle, mostly because the two parties have been so solid most of the season.

How did we get there?

Well, we think that the breakfast challenge was great in how it inspired the contestants to do something different. A change of palette can be great for many things, and we saw that especially with Jason, who ended up winning it and becoming safe — he didn’t have to do the tag-team challenge at all. We love Mystery Box Challenges when they inspire creativity, and this one did that.

Also, good on Nutella for getting all of the product placement that he did over the episode. It was product placement, but at least it wasn’t annoying.

Our final verdict on MasterChef season 8 episode 14

Last week, we said that it was a good thing that the show had two episodes given that the first one was a little weaker. While we’re not going to sit here and say that episode 14 is one that you’re going to remember a month from now, it was an entertaining enough hour of TV with some conflict and some great creativity from some of the home cooks. Grade: B.

What did you think about MasterChef season 8 episode 14, and do you think that the right person was eliminated? Share in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)

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