New Arrow season 6 video; Legends of Tomorrow season 3 trailer

Arrow season 6 videoExcited or interested in getting a new Arrow season 6 video? Well, The CW has provided that very thing below! This video aired during the Vixen event that aired on the network last night, and there were a couple of things that stood out from it.

Of course, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle are not going to be all that interested in giving away significant spoilers as to what happened on Liam Yu. They don’t want to disclose who survived and who died, but they’ve made one thing clear: Black Siren is going to be around as a major force to be reckoned with. She’s one of several Big Bads that we’re going to see this season, with the others being Richard Dragon and maybe Cayden James. (Michael Emerson is playing a character, largely believed to be James a.k.a. the man responsible for Helix.)

In addition to this, the two producers also state in this Arrow season 6 video that Oliver’s role as a father is something that is going to be explored more on the show this season. He’s someone who is not used to that role and he’s going to have to figure that out. That cannot be easy, especially when you stop in for a moment and remember that the fate of Oliver’s mother Samantha remains to be seen. While we’ve heard a lot about William, we haven’t heard whether or not she is going to survive.

The show is going to premiere on The CW a little bit later this fall, and it will be in a new timeslot Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’ll see how it fares.

The new Legends of Tomorrow trailer

The show is going to also be premiering this fall, and it will be a part of a lineup that also includes The Flash. There’s a lot of fun stuff in here, including the arrival of new team member Zari. She has been described in some of the previews as a Muslim “hactivist” from the future, and she brings the team some much-needed perspective. To be specific, the world apparently still “sucks” no matter what the Legends have done.

Also in this preview you get a look at Julius Caesar and some of the other chaos that the team is going to encounter in some other timelines. This is a really fun look at what is going to hopefully be a really fun season. One of the things that is making Legends of Tomorrow stand out is that it really is one of the few lighthearted superhero shows out there. It’s funny! There are so many other superhero shows that are so obsessed at the moment with being super-dark, and in this climate you need some lightness here and there.

What do you think about this new Arrow season 6 video, and the latest Legends of Tomorrow trailer? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event that you want to read some more news on Arrow through the lens of Richard Dragon. (Photo: The CW.)

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