The Sinner episode 5 video: The new remains in the headlines

Sinner episode 5The Sinner episode 5 is airing on USA Wednesday night, and with that may come some more answers. Given the cliffhanger at the end of this past episode, we certainly hope so!

Remember first and foremost what we saw in this cliffhanger: Remains in the woods. More than that, these were remains tied somehow to the case of Cora. At the end of this past episode we also saw out there an abandoned school bus, one seemingly tied to a vision that Cora continually had during her therapy sessions from her childhood. These remains don’t look like they are altogether recent, and they could be tied to some long-repressed traumatic event. Her vision of the school bus may be the only way that her subconscious can remember or process it.

Beyond this, we do hope that this episode gives you a little bit more insight into how Ambrose and the other investigators can figure out the truth. This is one of the struggles that Bill Pullman’s character is running into: While he may be understanding more of Cora’s thought process, at the same time you can’t claim that some of her innermost thoughts or fears are altogether admissible in court as evidence. He needs to be able to connect things in a real, tangible way.

The more Ambrose works on this case, the more that he also has to face another possibility: That he will be accused of being tied too closely to it and allowing some of his thoughts and feelings to get in the way of his ability to actually get the justice that he is so seeking. The longer this case goes on, the more dangerous that may be. Luckily, Ambrose is not the only person out there trying to get answers, as Mason is also working with the same goal in mind. The problem that he’s running into is a pretty predictable one in that he’s not a police officer. From his vantage point, there is only so much that he can do in order to pull this off without getting into some more hot water himself. He got dangerously close to it at the end of this past episode.

Even though we may only be in episode 5, one of the things that the team behind the scenes needs to be thinking about now is just how much time they all actually have — and it’s not all that much — to solve this case. The good thing there is that all of the story points were probably mapped out in advance.

What do you want to see moving into The Sinner episode 5?

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Meanwhile, you can head over here if you do want to get one of our other previews in advance for this episode. After all, most indications suggest that this is a big one you’ll be remembering for some time now. (Photo: USA.)

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