Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin squabbles and little else (day 70, evening)

Kevin squabblesWe admit that when the Big Brother 19 feeds went down earlier today, we wondered if Matt was getting removed from the game. Really, that was just wishful thinking on our part after having put up with his nonsense for the past two days of him deciding that he’s too good to follow the rules of the game.

Now, we don’t exactly know why the feeds went down other to potentially control more of the craziness in this house that is about to bubble over. Kevin is finding himself attacked on all sides now, and sometimes it’s over nothing. Matt had a brief argument with him earlier just walking by him in a room, and of course we’ve got Alex still saying a bunch of super-mean stuff about him both to his face and behind his back. There was apparently more that happened while the feeds were down; maybe that will be in the episode, or maybe it won’t. Either way, we don’t really need to see it anyway because we’re sick of it.

Kevin tonight referred to Alex as a “bully” — he also figured out that it was probably Alex who threw out the slop just so that he would get mad about Raven instead. He may not be great with the people in the game right now, but he is perceptive and really understands much of what is happening around him.

Anyhow, the irony tonight is all across the board, whether it be Alex thinking that she didn’t do anything that terrible to Josh thinking that Jason hasn’t said anything that he will regret down the line. (Clearly, Josh and TMZ are not on the same page at the moment.)

Ultimately, one of the main events we’re most looking forward to now is seeing some of these people after the game realizing that some of their nonsense isn’t really all that fun or cute — the one thing that we hope doesn’t happen is that they get out of the house and everyone is suddenly like “QUEEN” or “KING” to them on Twitter because they’re desperate for attention from anyone. Things do have a tendency to boil over, and some of the vitriol towards this season will too — we just don’t think much is going to change in terms of this being one of the least favorite seasons of many in a rather long time.

Oh, and for the record

Matt is still going home. Nothing has changed in that department today, and nothing will change over the next few days. There’s no reason for anyone to shake things up with Matt already having a penalty vote and Raven being so useless in most facets of the game.

Here’s to hoping things get better tomorrow — feeds have got us a little grumpy right now.

If you missed it, you can read about some of the other ugliness in the house today (if you really want to) over at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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