MasterChef season 8 episode 14 exclusive: Breakfast with Jason

MasterChef season 8 episode 14MasterChef season 8 episode 14 is right around the corner, and are you getting ready for some breakfast in primetime? Based on the latest exclusive sneak peek that we’ve got for you below, all signs do point towards you being a little hungry come Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

We’ve made no secret of our love for breakfast — it’s tremendous, and it’s actually probably the only meal we go out to eat for much of the time. There’s just something about going out, getting that fresh cup of coffee, and starting the day off right. Also, there’s something about nutella, one of the greatest foods ever created known to mankind.

The majority of the sneak peek below is all about Jason, who concocts one of the most delicious nutella-based things that we’ve ever heard of. We don’t know exactly what to make of it based on the description, other than that it contains hazelnuts and blood oranges and everything else that is good in the world. Breakfast sometimes can be a hard thing to get creative with given that many diners love their established routine of having their eggs the same way every day alongside some of their familiar sides. It has to be really tasty sometimes in order to push someone out of their comfort zone, and this could do it.

Granted, we are saying all of this admittedly from the outside looking in without even tasting Jason’s final product. This is really going to be all about what the judges think more so than what we do as a viewer, but if Jason performs well here, this could easily be his ticket to get safety or at least an advantage in the second part of this episode. We’re at the top 9 of the competition now, and the stakes have never been higher for any of the remaining home cooks. The same goes for the importance of some of these Mystery Box challenges, since they get you that much closer to the finale.

It’s also pretty easy to get behind Jason as a contender — just in terms of enthusiasm, the guy has more of it than about three or four of the average MasterChef contestants combined. You know that he’s going to stay positive in the kitchen, and he seems like the perfect person to have on your team in terms of morale.

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