The Fosters season 5 episode 9 (summer finale) spoilers: A prom arrest

Fosters season 5 episode 9For everyone looking forward to The Fosters season 5 episode 9, the biggest thing to be excited about comes in one word: Prom. That’s the title of the episode, and all signs do point towards this being an enormous one for Brandon and Grace. He just asked her in one of the most embarrassing fashions possible. She said yes! From her, the next step is trying to figure out where we’re going to see the story move forward from here.

This episode could be romantic, but in no way to we anticipate any of this romance being overly serious. It’s probably going to be reasonably sweet and innocent in the way that some things are for kids at around this point in their lives … or at least that’s the image they will protect. Teenagers learn to excel at projecting one thing and being something incredibly different underneath.

Seeing how this story could impact some of the other relationships on this show will prove interesting, even if they don’t have anything to do with prom. Take, for example, Callie and Aaron potentially being on the outs after he saw her spending a ton of time with her ex AJ. It’s only natural to be jealous, but he will need to corral that and trust her at some point so long as she’s giving him every reason to feel secure. Meanwhile, Jesus has to just find a way to win Emma back after he completely blew up on her for giving the ring back. She loves him and is trying to be as patient with him as she can possibly be, but every human has their breaking point. He may not realize that he’s pushing her to hers, but he will if he keeps it up.

As for Jude and Noah, their issue is a little more simple: Him giving Jude bad advice that could damage another key relationship that he has. These two more than likely will move forward from this and be happy, but it’s something that will take some conversations (and Noah realizing that he cannot just guess how someone is going to react to any given situation).

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There are going to be some incredibly romantic moments that come out of this episode, but also a ton of drama — tension will be at a peak between Callie and Aaron, and we’re also unfortunately going to see one of the more depressing arrests in series history.

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