Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Assembling the new plan (day 70, morning)

new planIs there a strategic shakeup at the moment in the Big Brother 19 house? It sure seems that way, but it does feel as though it impacts different people in different ways.

Take, for example, Raven. The plan was always for Matt to go home this week from the moment that we saw Jason win power as Head of Household, but previously, Paul was looking to take her to the final four. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Instead, the idea now is to travel far into the game with Kevin, someone who is probably more of an actual threat but easier for Christmas, Josh, and Paul to be around. Some of Alex’s comments and actions towards Kevin, including her dumping out the slop and blaming Raven for it, have caused Josh to turn on her. Jason is still their next target, but they want Alex out soon after than and feel like she’s far too cocky in the game for her own good.

If there was ever a time to take Jason/Alex out of the game, this is it. Jason’s not eligible to compete in Head of Household this week, and the rest of the house can be reasonably stacked against her. Even though Raven right now may claim that she is gunning for Kevin, the house could still convince her to nominate him alongside Jason and get rid of him instead. They are the ones who are really in the most control at the moment.

We find ourselves now in a weird spot, given that we do find ourselves rooting for Kevin to stick around for as long as possible in the game; yet, in doing so, we have to root for the time being in Paul and his minions. Raven and Alex are the two most against Kevin at the moment, and it’s pretty ironic given that if Alex was ever exposed as the person who really dumped out the slop, Raven would be furious in learning that her name was thrown under the bus for no apparent reason other than that Alex didn’t want to own up to something that she did herself.

In the end, the most important thing to come out from the game last night is just that there is a deeper divide forming between Alex / Jason and everyone, and because Paul and company have Raven against Alex / Jason, there’s not much hope that those three could get together as any sort of counter-resistance at all. They’re not smooth sailing per se, but they are absolutely in very good shape.

What do you think: Is it better to take Raven or Kevin to final four for the sake of the game, and for the sake of one’s sanity? Share now in the comments!

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