The Fosters season 5 episode 8 video: An engagement party surprise

Fosters season 5 episode 8When The Fosters season 5 episode 8 airs on Freeform Tuesday night, an engagement party will be at the center of attention. To be specific, we’re talking about Mike and Ana’s engagement party. These two are on the road towards getting hitched, and if you listen to what Brandon has to say in the new sneak peek below, it’s going to come about rather quickly.

Why the rush? Brandon explains it to the family in the preview, but this in turn raises some other questions … including why the engagement party has to be so small in terms of attendees, and why Jesus isn’t allowed to bring Emma to it.

This is where things start to get a little bit testier. Jesus, in his mind, is basically engaged to Emma thanks to the wooden ring he gave her and the promise he made to finish school. He wants to envision a future with her, and he’s using that as a driving force. It’s understandable for him to feel the way that he does. Because of what he’s been through over the past year or so, he’s clinging to this hope of stability. Unfortunately, he’s not getting what he feels he needs anywhere else, which is why he in turn is looking towards people like Emma. He’s just trying to find someone he can cling to in order to make him feel a little more human and normal. She’s offering him that, and everyone else is understandably treating him with kid gloves. He cannot empathize with what they are going through, just like they cannot empathize with him. This is a situation where all parties involved are in impossible situations.

For Stef and Lena, the reason to keep Jesus and Emma separate stems from one thing: The desire to not have them rush into anything too quickly. From Jesus’ point of view, the aftereffects of this are fairly clear: He is going to use this a reason to want to rush into them more. If someone tells you not to do something — and this is something that you want — the inevitable result of that is probably going to be an inherent desire for you to want to do it more. That’s just a human impulse, one that is definitely not limited to Jesus in the context of where he is in life.

What else is coming in this episode?

Be prepared to Emma to have more face-time than we’ve seen from her in the past couple of episodes; hopefully, we will also see the continued evolution of the Callie – Aaron storyline after the inspirational story that the two had this past week. There’s a reason why that one is going to be so fondly remembered as one of the strongest installments of the season.

Want a few more details?

If you missed, we already shared a season 5 episode 8 preview article for The Fosters that includes the full synopsis for the episode. Check that out over at the link here. (Photo: Freeform.)

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