Scorpion season 4: CBS teases upcoming musical number in premiere

Scorpion season 4While it may not be accurate to say that the upcoming Scorpion season 4 premiere is going to be a musical episode, it is going to have its fair share of musical moments. The episode is premiering this fall on CBS, and judging from the new post below on Twitter, there’s going to be a really fun moment involving some of the cast.

Why do this? Well, that’s pretty obvious — you’ve got a cast with a number of difficult musical talents, including an accomplished pop singer in Katharine McPhee. Of course you’re going to want to take advantage of this in some way, and luckily Scorpion is the sort of show with lightness and humor that you can find a way to make this work. Sure, we do figure that some of the ways in which the producers could do this are a little out of the ordinary.

1. A dream sequence – It’s not like Walter O’Brien or Paige to just bust out into song in the middle of the afternoon. If something happens with a song, it’s more likely to be a figment of someone’s imagination. This is the sort of thing we do often see in scripted television — why not dive into it more here?

2. Some sort of toxin/side-effect – What we mean here is that maybe the team gets trapped somewhere surrounded by a gas that makes them sing, or have some other unusual side-effect that they typically would not find themselves dealing with. When you think about the world of this show, it’s absolutely something that is possible.

3. Someone convinced them to sing – Hey, maybe this somehow is a part of a mission and a client really wants to see if Walter can belt out some high notes. Weirder things have happened on the show before.

No matter the reason, the biggest reason to be excited about getting to see the team sing is simple: It’s something different! While there are often different things that happen every single season on Scorpion, we do also see from time to time a great degree of sameness. Many cases often get lost in the shuffle because they start with a simple mission that spirals out of control when something goes amiss and the life of one or two characters is in danger. You do need to find a way to keep the stakes high while also not doing something that the series has done before. This qualifies for that and then some.

What do you think about Scorpion season 4 going in a more musical direction for its premiere? Even if it’s a bit of a stunt, do you at least think that it’s a fun stunt? Share in the comments below!

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