Big Brother 19 episode 29 review: The Raven Exposed Party hour

Big Brother 19 episode 29Big Brother 19 episode 29 certainly delivered in one regard: Reminded everyone that Paul is completely controlling the game.

Beyond that, we’d say that some of the episode was akin to pulling teeth. The problem at the moment is that there aren’t really any heroes left in the game to root for. Jason and Kevin are likable to a degree, but neither one of them fully has their head in the game. We still like Kevin as a character, but he’s probably been one of the bigger second-half disappointments in terms of doing things in the game. Paul just stripped some of his power from him by running his mouth, so there isn’t really a whole lot more left that he can do.

This is what makes a good percentage of this season so dull at the moment: There is really not all that much that can be done in terms of making good content when everyone left is a puppet of someone else other than Paul. The producers did their best to make things exciting, but there really wasn’t all that much that they can do when the house isn’t giving them much in the way of fun content.

What we did get instead is one of the biggest Raven episodes of the season … not that this was a good thing for Raven. First, we got a montage of her accent, which we think may have been some low-key shade from Big Brother given that it does have a tendency to go out here and there in the house. Following that, we got some more overt shade in the form of a segment featuring her mentioning a myriad of all of her various medical issues and claims that are certainly far-fetched, to say the least. Raven is akin in some ways to the Albert Finney character from Big Fish if he had about 50 different medical problems that he was also talking about at the same time.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We don’t want to trivialize anything that she does have going on since some of it is serious stuff. However, she’s clearly been in a culture before the house where she’s learned that discussing this stuff constantly is a way to get attention, and it comes off really badly on television.

This episode, other than these segments, was for the most part boring. There just wasn’t anything to show, and that is with the Head of Household competition thrown in there. They had to show a minute or two of Josh dancing around while brushing his teeth to try to make things interesting and fill time — and we have no idea at all what Josh was doing through much of it. Episode Grade: C.

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