The Last Ship season 4 episode 4 spoilers: Slattery’s past center stage

Last Ship season 4 episode 4If you’re looking for a showcase episode revolving around Adam Baldwin’s Slattery, The Last Ship season 4 episode 4 could be it. Even in the midst of the quest to secure the seeds and end the famine that is going on in the world, there’s still some time for some backstory. This is, in part, because this is a show that is in its fourth season and realizes that there is no reason to rush. Beyond that, it’s because the series realizes that in order to care about some of the stakes that the Nathan James are up against, you need to in turn care about some of the characters. Slattery’s in an interesting spot this season, given that he has more leadership than ever before. He’s running the James as well as he can, but there are going to be some bumps in the road. It’s just something that you have to prepare for if you are a regular viewer of this show.

Below, you can get some additional insight now into what’s coming with the TNT drama.

The Last Ship season 4 episode 4 synopsis – “The crew searches for one of their own as enemies close in on all sides. Slattery (Adam Baldwin) is haunted by visions of the past.”

Obviously, this synopsis is not winning any awards for going in-depth, but we will say that this season to date is doing a good job making sure that it sets up the story in addition to going full-throttle with the violence. For example, obviously there’s a thirst to pair up Chandler with everyone right away, but they understood that doing that by the end of the first and second episode would do little good. You need to give everyone some time apart in order to understand more the people that they are. The show is doing that, and this should generate some additional excitement in what is coming in the event that some of these big, long-anticipated moments finally do happen.

For the record, this episode could be a big one given that the title is “Nostos,” which is a reference to an epic hero finding their way back home by sea.

As for the promo below…

It doesn’t give too much away, beyond of course making it clear the sort of desperate situation that Slattery is in. There is a reason why he will be haunted, and much of that is due to him being in a situation that, even with everything he’s been through in mind, still is going to feel rather foreign to him.

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While you’re waiting for the next new episode of The Last Ship, we do think that it is a worthwhile read. Head over to the link here to take a look. (Photo: TNT.)

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