Power season 4 finale: Could someone else die by the end?

Power season 4 finaleYou’ve likely heard the bad news already that the Power season 4 finale is not airing on Starz until September 3. Yet, this is not stopping us from discussing the episode a little more today!

Death isn’t always the easiest subject to write about, but when you think about a show like Power you remember rather quickly that it’s inevitable. This is a show where characters due, and it’s happened to some very important people this season already. Jukebox was killed in the midst of a showdown with Ghost and Kanan, Julio had an heartbreaking end, and we’ve now met the end of the road for Raina St. Patrick. Ghost losing his daughter is the point of no return. There is no hope of having a normal life after you lose someone this close to your heart. The only thing that you can do at that point is to try your best to mourn and take stock in what happened. There is no silver lining here, however; there is only despair.

Below, you can take a look at some of the other characters we’re now the most worried about in the aftermath of what happened.

Ray Ray – This is a given. He killed Raina. Someone is going to try to find and kill him.

Tariq – In turn, Jamie’s son was the original target before his sister got in the way. We can easily see a world where Ghost loses both kids.

Tasha – In turn, it’s easy to see a scenario where Tasha finds herself as a human shield and sacrifices herself for the sake of Tariq … which in turn is probably another way to devastate Tariq even more than he is at present.

Kanan – Where is his place in the show right now? Trying to figure that out is an enormous challenge given that there’s so little incentive for many characters in the cast to want to work with him. He’s dangerous and almost impossible to trust the majority of the time.

John Mok – He’s one of those prosecutors who doesn’t quite know when it let things go. He could find himself in a position where he digs too deep into what happened to Mike Sandoval, and finds himself a casualty in the process. We don’t foresee Angela digging anywhere near as deep in her new position.

Are there some additional people in varying degrees of jeopardy? Absolutely there are, but these are people you may not see throwing themselves into harm’s way all that much at the moment. After all, in most cases there is very little reason for them to do so. (The one caveat with that is that we never saw Raina throwing herself into harm’s way … and here we are. The best character deaths are the ones that you never see coming.)

Who do you think is in the most danger on the Power season 4 finale? Share in the comments below!

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