Is Sharon Osbourne quitting The X Factor UK? Not so fast…

Sharon OsbourneIs Sharon Osbourne really about to leave The X Factor UK after coming back the past couple of seasons? Not so fast…

In what may be the latest example of the ever-greedy British tabloids deciding to have a little bit of fun distorting the truth, the music manager comments about her long-term future are being spun in a way that suggests that she could be heading away from the show sooner rather than later — something that is actually not even remotely the case at all.

Here is what Sharon actually had to say about her future, per a recent interview that she gave with The Sun:

“I’ve given myself five years then it’s time to say goodbye from the industry. I just think that it would be enough, I want to keep my ­dignity. I’ve been working since I was 15 in this industry and I think that’s enough.

“It’s very difficult if you’re at a gig and you’re the oldest person in the room.”

So basically, Sharon said that she may work for about five more years, which is very different from her leaving the show right away. There is no evidence suggesting that she wants to leave either The X Factor or any other jobs in the near future, so it’s best to just enjoy the ride with her now and see more of what happens down the road when we start to get closer to that point. After all, we could get closer to the end of her supposed run when she decides that she enjoys the work too much and doesn’t want to give it up.

For now, there’s a considerable amount to be excited about given that the next season of the show is going to be premiering on ITV next weekend — or on AXS TV if you are watching in America. The show will air a little over a day later there, but this is still far better than you are going to get with the vast majority of the other shows that come over to America after airing overseas in Great Britain. It’s a consistent performer in the UK, even though it’s not the runaway smash that it was a few years ago, and the show has managed to find some great stars over time.

Do you want to see Sharon stick around on The X Factor?

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