Gotham season 4 spoilers: The evolution of Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle

Bruce WayneThere are a few relationships that are central to the Batman comic books, and Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are high on the list. After all, Batman and Catwoman are very much known enemies, but they do also have some underlying tension that comes from an attraction or a sense of danger that exists there. While there are times when they are sworn to stop each other at all costs, they also do find room here and there for collaboration.

Basically, if there was ever a comic-book relationship to wave a sign over their head saying “it’s complicated,” this one is probably it. They care about each other, but they also have very little problem when it comes to causing each other great pain depending on the endgame.

Speaking to TV Guide while at the TCA Summer Press tour, Gotham series star David Mazouz (who plays Bruce) basically confirmed that with Bruce Wayne becoming a little bit more of a vigilante this season (we already saw him donning a mask-of-sorts during the season 3 finale), the relationship between he and Selina is also going to evolve. In turn, we could end up seeing something play out between the two here that feels a little bit more like what we saw in the comics.

The relationship with Bruce and Selina on the show is probably even more complex than the comics in terms of origin; these are people who knew each other before they were heroes or villains, and they’ve got the romantic history and ties to young loves. If the show was by some miracle to ever get to Batman, we’d have so much more of an understanding as to precisely why Batman and Catwoman were so intertwined. There’s something about your first love that sticks to you, and these two won’t be able to forget about each other even while tackling a myriad of other problems.

Of course, there are going to be plenty of other distractions and storylines breaking in Gotham over the course of season 4. For one, we’re going to be seeing more of Solomon Grundy, and you can read more about him over at the link here. Meanwhile, you should also prepare for whatever new version of Barbara we get, and of the arrival of the Scarecrow as a significant force to be reckoned with in the city. There are few characters within the world of the show who reinforce fear quite like he does.

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