Chicago Med season 3: What should happen with Dr. Ethan Choi

Ethan ChoiWhen fans first met Dr. Ethan Choi, he wasn’t front and center in the premiere episode of NBC’s Chicago Med. He was a bit of a mystery. We later learned that he was a Lieutenant Commander with the United States Navy Reserve. He is also the emergency room’s chief resident who has an expertise for infectious diseases. In addition, before taking a job at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center he was serving on the USS Carl Vinson as a medical officer.

Brian Tee is a fabulous actor who brings the character of Dr. Choi to life. He makes the audience aware of every aspect of Dr. Choi we need to know in order to know who this man is. He is compassionate, stubborn, and quick-minded. He can react to situations quickly because of his military background and proves time after time why he was made chief resident.

So moving into the series’s third season what can the show do with Dr. Choi?

Show more of his military background – We know the bare minimum about Dr. Choi’s military background and we’ve seen a little how it has affected him in the emergency room. We have long been curious about his previous life because we want to know more about what makes him act or think the way he does. We want the series to show the impact his experience as a medical officer had on him because it most certainly affects the way he acts as a doctor now. He’s only a resident, but there are moments when he behaviors and thinks like an attending. Is this because of this military training?

The series can do so much with this character because there are so many avenues they could take. There are also many questions to answer. For instance, why did he leave the USS Carl Vinson? Was it a choice or did something happen? These questions don’t need to be answered all at once but if they were to gradually reveal them, it allows the audience to be curious week after week and come back week after week in search of the answers.

It also makes the show unique by having a character that they can reveal at a slower pace because his deep background isn’t essential to the show. It’s just another element to tease the audience with week after week.

His relationship with April – At the end of the Season 2 finale, Dr. Choi and Nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) shared a kiss after the sexual tension between them became to obvious for them to ignore. The duo shared a moment earlier in the season but they tried to forget it. Now for Season 3, the question of whether or not they will be together (or once again try and forget it) comes up. Fans know April had a tough season after losing her baby and ending her engagement. So entering a new relationship so close to her failed engagement might make things complicated. She may have feelings for Dr. Choi and their kiss may have meant something, but where they will go from there is a mystery.

It’s very clear that Dr. Choi has strong feelings for April and by having these feelings it’s revealed a little more about him. He’s shown he is confident and knows what he wants after he just went up to April and kissed her. He showed he wasn’t afraid. By continuing their relationship in some capacity during Season 3, it allows the fans to know more of who Dr. Choi is on a personal level. We get a sense of who he is on a professional level but the personal one isn’t so clear yet. This is what the series can work on and show this season because we want to feel like we know him on every level.

Continue to have him push Noah – Toward the end of Season 2, Dr. Choi was seen to be pushing Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) to be his very best. These were moments that stood out to fans because normally the medical world is shown to be a “every man for himself” type environment. So the fact that you had a doctor pushing for someone to not take shortcuts, and truly using their God-given talent, proved to be a refreshing change of pace. It also showed the caring side of Dr. Choi. While always serious and focused, these moments showed him letting his guard down to look after someone else. We hope this continues in some capacity.

Overall, Brian Tee gives a great performance as Dr. Ethan Choi and we can’t wait to see him give even more amazing performances during Season 3.

Chicago Med returns in early 2018 to NBC. For more news related to Chicago Medbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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