Raven’s home episode 7 return date: What’s next on the Disney Channel?

Raven's Home episode 7Want to know the Raven’s Home episode 7 return date? Well, let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way: It’s not coming September 1.

More than likely as a measure to avoid Labor Day Weekend, the Disney Channel is taking off September 1 to save the show/ensure that it has the best ratings possible. This is pretty common with most scripted shows out there, and it’s hard to feel all that angry about it when they’ve been pretty darn kind with how many episodes we’ve got a weekly basis now. It was bound to happen when we were going to be facing a hiatus. It may as well be now.

Anyway, when the show does return on Friday, September 8, it will be doing so with an installment entitled “Dancing Tweens,” one that you can hear a little bit more about below.

Raven’s Home episode 7 synopsis – While Booker and Tess team up to plan their 6th grade dance, Nia worries her dancing skills aren’t good enough for the big event. Meanwhile, Raven starts to question if she’s being a good mom and goes overboard trying to volunteer for the kids’ school. (Guest starring Leslie David Baker, The Office, as Principal Wentworth.”

First things first, we love Leslie David Baker so we’re thrilled anytime we get him on another show. Also, this episode is probably going to be a good one just because it really looks to emphasize a number of different characters coupled with their various insecurities. Everyone at times has some moments where they feel like they’re either less than or not a part of something nearly as much as they’d like. Raven’s a huge supporter of her kids, but if she does just one thing wrong, of course she’s going to doubt that just because that’s the normal thing to do. In the end, though, we feel like she’ll figure out her significance and her place within the family once more by the end of the episode. We don’t think Raven’s Home is the sort of show that would let anyone’s insecurity about themselves fester for all that long.

For those curious, this is going to be yet another episode that is airing slightly out of order. “Dancing Tween” was the eighth episode of the first season filmed, but it will be the seventh to air. Sometimes that happens with shows like this where there isn’t a lot of story that carries over from one episode to the next. (The sixth episode produced is the one that hasn’t aired yet — tonight’s episode is actually the seventh episode that was filmed.)

What do you want to see on Raven’s Home episode 7, and in general, what are you thinking about the first season of the show at the moment? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some additional news/insight when it comes to the show. (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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