MacGyver season 2 spoilers: Will another Hawaii Five-0 crossover happen?

Hawaii Five-0 crossoverIs it possible that a MacGyver – Hawaii Five-0 crossover is going to happen again in upcoming season? We know there are plenty of people who want it (consider us among the “plenty”). The first crossover played out with Lucas Till and the majority of the MacGyver cast heading over to Hawaii for an episode, which featured appearances from Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, and Taylor Wily.

Unfortunately, the problem now is that both Kim and Park are no longer a part of the show; Wily is still around as a series regular now, but there’s no guarantee that this would be enough to justify a crossover based on character relationships alone. Luckily, we do know this: Jack does have a relationship with McGarrett, as it was referenced during the first crossover. Alex O’Loughlin didn’t appear during that MacGyver episode, but you do have to assume that there is hope still for such an appearance in the future.

As of right now, nothing is 100% confirmed, but rest assured that this is something that could be in the works. Till suggested it earlier this year as a response to a question from us; meanwhile, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov (who oversees both series) told Entertainment Weekly that the next time the shows come together, it could be in even more of an epic fashion:

“The best thing about that experience was learning how to do it … Because a big part of it is the time difference between Hawaii and Atlanta and getting the actors there and getting them to do their scenes and not affect production on both shows. I think we’ll be able to do it in a much bigger way the next time we do it.”

Beyond the two shows sharing the same showrunner, one of the other big reasons for doing this traces simply back to the fact that they air right after each other on a Friday night. Think of it this way: It’s a little easier to market a two-hour crossover event between these two shows than it is with programs that air on different nights. There are some obvious challenges including the two shows filming on opposite sides of the country, but they’ve got the benefit of time this season. Lenkov and the producing teams have known for months that both shows would be coming back, so if they wanted to do something like this, they could plan for it in advance.

Both shows are going to premiere on CBS in the fall; in the event that you do get a chance to see some great crossover stories here, odds are it won’t happen until you get around to either the November or February sweeps.

What do you want to see on the next MacGyver – Hawaii Five-0 crossover? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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