Dark Matter season 3 finale video: Ryo’s fate; Two’s quest

Dark Matter season 3 finaleAre you ready for the Dark Matter season 3 finale airing on Syfy / Space tonight? We certainly hope so. (We’re still facing the scary thought that it could be the last episode of the series.) This is an episode that could tie together some loose ends from the whole season, and also set in motion some super-cool stuff that could be coming up on the fourth season … provided we get a fourth season. More on that discussion point soon.

The first thing that we should point out here is what we’ve got in the promo below: Ryo is still alive! We’re a little surprised that the network decided to throw that in there given that his fate was such a huge part of the cliffhanger from 3×12, but sometimes that’s just what happens with these shows: They include this sort of stuff to hype people up, not thinking about what just happened on this past episode. There is a perfectly good reason why Ryo is still breathing, and it has to do with Two’s goal: To stop Ferrous, and use all of their rivals to find a way to stop the corporate battle that’s going on once and for all. This is something that has been at the heart of the show for a long time, and we do feel like some of these characters would like to have a chance to relax a little bit.

Will they get that? Probably not, but we don’t blame them for trying. Below, you can see a few more details via the official network synopsis, not that it’s anything that we haven’t already specified in this article already.

Dark Matter season 3 finale synopsis – “The crew of the Raza unite Ferrous Corps’ enemies in an effort to end the corporate war.”

If you want to see some discussion on a possible cliffhanger, check out the interview we did with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi over here.

We’re going to get more into the show’s season 4 renewal hopes a little bit later today, but for now let’s just make our plea fairly simple: Find a way to get everyone you know watching the show! Buy them a pizza, get them some booze, or just tell them that they’d love the show, even if they haven’t watched much science fiction before. If they have a Nielsen Box, promise that you’ll be their best friend for the remainder of the year. Do anything that you can to ensure that the show get renewed. We understand that Syfy is a network that has faced some super-tough renewal decisions in the past and have angered some fans along the way. We just hope that they do the right thing here — just as we also hope that there are plenty of people watching the show.

What do you want to see on the Dark Matter season 3 finale? Let us know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you do want some additional Dark Matter coverage without delay. Remember that there will be a full review for the finale to go along with a renewal-hopes piece a little bit later tonight. (Photo: Syfy.)

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