Zoo season 3 episode 9 review: Abigail’s secret; Logan’s discovery

Zoo season 3 episode 9If you remember, last week on Zoo we effectively saw things go to hell in a handbasket for everyone. Jackson was tortured by Abigail Westbrook until he was willing to hand down the secret behind his ability to communicate with animals. Meanwhile, Jamie and everyone on board the plan got a chance to meet “Mr. Duncan,” the alter ego of Mitch Morgan who caused all sorts of havoc.

When this episode tonight picked up, we saw that Jamie was still reeling, Mitch / Mr. Duncan was gone, and Dariela realized that she didn’t want anything to do with being on that plane anymore with her son. She and Isaac decided to depart, while Abe, very intent on helping all of humanity, decided that he wanted to stay on board. That is good, since he was able to use some of his knowledge to start to move quickly on making his goal a reality. That’s something that we’ll trace back more to a little bit later in the episode.

Eventually, we were able to pick up on Mr. Duncan’s story to see where he was back precisely where he wanted: Back with Abigail. It was there when Sam Parker a.k.a. Clementine’s father re-entered the picture, and we learned that he wasn’t exactly all that much of a fan of Jackson. He blamed him for what happened on Pangaea, something that Abigail very easily got behind since she loved the idea of anyone hating her brother. It also is when Mr. Duncan to spend some quality time both meeting Jackson and making him feel very uncomfortable in the process. Abigail was using Mitch in order to troll Jackson. As if her turning Sam on him was not enough, we then got to the first major Zoo shocker of the night: Abigail was a hybrid. This is why she had the ability to communicate with them, and also why she was so intent on their survival.

After Abigail finished messing with Jackson, she then went over to Sam in order to work her magic on him, convincing him that they needed to inject him as a means to save both Clem and also his unborn child. Basically, she set Sam up for a fall given that by the end of the episode, Abe’s attempts to use his blood to help Clem and her unborn child proved disastrous; she was convulsing the last time we saw her, and that was one of many cliffhangers by the end of the episode.

As for some other ones…

For one, Jackson escaped! That’s great in terms of causing some crazy stuff to go down, especially since it led to one of the biggest confrontations of the season between him, the Shepherds, and of course his own sister. He helped save her at first, then in turn she “saved” him by not murdering her. Then, he eventually knocked her out, but realized soon after the fact that he was struggling to get her spinal fluid, one of the major things needed to bring the mission full-circle. Consider this another cliffhanger.

Let’s move now to what is behind Cliffhanger Door #3: Eventually Jamie getting the best of Mr. Duncan, only to then later threatened to use him for something that “Mitch Morgan would never do.” Basically, this episode was all Duncan all the time, and Mitch is off somewhere in there feeling a little helpless and sad that he’s not in control of many of his own actions.

Logan’s mission

If you recall, last week he decided to take it upon himself in order to take on the hybrid nest. Tonight, meanwhile, he carried that onward to his work out in the field … where he realized more that the hybrid threat is so much more severe than either he or anyone else thought. He found a nest, and it was expansive, freaky, and utterly nightmare fuel. We do still think that Logan’s story is a little too disconnected from everyone else on Zoo for its own good, but this was still an effective end to the story.

Overall Take

This was a very good episode of the show, though it did probably try to bite off more than it needed to in between Abigail’s latest revelations, Logan’s reveal, and the state of Clementine. Sometimes Zoo does benefit from slowing things down a little bit. Nonetheless, we do understand why they feel the need to go fast since there may only be four episodes this season. Grade: B+.

What did you think about tonight’s Zoo season 3 episode?

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