NCIS: Los Angeles season 9: Who’s creating a Densi roadblock?

DensiMrs. Carter: Is there some major Densi trouble ahead on NCIS: Los Angeles season 9?

Based on the latest information that is out there, signs do very much point towards there being an issue courtesy of new addition Shay Mosely, who is being brought in to help oversee matters at the NCIS office with Hetty off the grid. Nia Long is going to be a series regular in this role, so don’t plan on this being a brief gig where she shows up, causes some problems, and then finds her way out the door.

Speaking on the subject of what Mosely is going to do to Kensi and Deeks (who are recently engaged and moving towards a future together), executive producer R. Scott Gemmill said the following to TV Guide:

“As tolerant as Hetty was for their relationship, Assistant Director Mosely is much more rigid in her thinking about workplace romance, especially amongst one person who doesn’t really even belong there … She actually, in the first episode, takes steps to see that Deeks is returned to LAPD.”

Personally, it’s a little bit of a surprise that Mosely would care all that much since it’s not as though Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah’s characters are some free-wheeling lovebirds who just started to have feelings for one another. They’ve been in love a long time, and with that understand each other and actually are assets to each other out in the field. There isn’t all that much of a reason to think that the two of them being together would actually be a problem. This isn’t just some office romance, we are talking about a couple that is moving towards marriage and as we’ve seen on other shows like Bones, being married and working together is an asset.

Still, most people out there who may be panicking about the idea of this should take a deep breath and realize that NCIS: Los Angeles knows that Densi is one of their best assets, and they would be silly to try to separate the two characters for a lengthy period of time. We feel like this move that just serves as a new obstacle, and a chance to unite them together further in order to prove to Mosely that they are stronger as a pair and shouldn’t be split up. We do also think that the two of them proving themselves is something that is going to happen, given what we do know about these two. They have withstood so many greater challenges than this in the past. When you think about their overall history, there is something about facing off with an assistant director skeptical about their relationship that ultimately feels like nothing. Also, if she does manage to split them up at their job, this doesn’t mean that they will stop being together romantically – she’s not the boss of their relationship.

Also, remember that NCIS: Los Angeles is a long season, and there are probably going to be twists for these two beyond just whatever Mosely brings to the table. The best advice we can offer is to be prepared for some of these bumps in advance.

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