TNT’s Will finale spoilers: A legacy under attack (video)

Will finaleMoving into the finale of TNT’s Willone of the big struggles for the show is, ironically, how to keep much of the drama alive. We are speaking here about a show based on William Shakespeare imagined in a new way, and there are many facts about his life that are fairly immovable. One of the biggest ones is the simple fact that he is not going to be dying anytime soon. Meanwhile, his career as a writer is not in grave danger.

Yet, the writers and producers on this show have to still find some ways to insert some dramatic tension into the story, given that you know in some ways how it ends. We do think that they’ve figured out a proper way to do so, and the finale will feature Will struggling to figure out how to keep the company and his legacy alive in the midst of some mounting struggles. With the way that the show is being cultivated at this point, the series is starting to become a little bit more about how everyone is going to be staying alive and successful a little bit more than it is if they are.

Want some other insight now? Then check out the short synopsis below courtesy of TNT.

Will finale synopsis – “Will (Laurie Davidson) and the company are shocked by a terrible discovery; they must risk everything in a life and death struggle for survival.”

Shakespeare himself wrote many tragedies, and one of the possible tragedies that could be facing this show now is that the story of Will may be nearing an abrupt end. It’s possible that this turns out to be the final episode of the series, given that TNT has yet to renew it; not only that, but it’s ratings so far are poor. The series is averaging just barely a 0.1 in the 18-49 demographic over the past few weeks, and this past installment drew under 300,000 viewers. The show has lost more than half of its viewers since the premiere episode aired, and that is always a worrisome sign when it comes to a show’s longevity. You want to think when you are renewing a show that those people are going to be around year-to-year, but that may not be the case here with even some of the week-to-week viewers that the show does have at the moment.

If this does turn out to be the finale, enjoy it! We just hope that somebody in the future finds a way to better market Shakespeare on television, given that in between this and also Still Star-Crossed a little bit earlier on in the summer, we’re not getting a whole lot of evidence that the words of the Bard, or the Bard himself, are moving the needle all that much.

What do you want to see on the TNT’s Will finale, and do you still want there to be an additional season of the show? Feel free to share in the comments below! In the event that there is some more news to report on with the show, we’ll have it for you over at the link here. (Photo: TNT.)

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