Melissa Benoist as Supergirl shows up on Riverdale season 2 set

Melissa BenoistWhat happens when Melissa Benoist as Supergirl collides with the cast of Riverdale? Well, you’ve got the new photo below!

This image was first shared by Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and of course this is enough to get tongues wagging about what in the world is going on here. Are we getting the world’s strangest crossover? It would be funny if we got a chance to see some sort of odd dream sequence where Supergirl turned up in the town, and there are some tools to make it happen. Both Supergirl and Riverdale air on The CW, they both film in Vancouver, and they both come from super-producer Greg Berlanti. There is some commonality here that would make you want to imagine that something like this could actually be possible.

In reality, though, this may just be Benoist hopping over to set for a fun photo; or, it could be some sort of CW promo that the show is doing, similar to that Supergirl – Wonder Woman promo that was put out by Warner Brothers earlier this year. It’s fun, but there’s probably not anything else that you need to take away from this right now. There are already enough other stories to keep both Melissa and the Riverdale cast busy for a while. Both shows are doing around 22 episodes again, and to go along with that there are also some Supergirl crossovers that you are likely going to get a chance to see later this fall with some other shows that are in the DC Comics universe. Both shows will premiere in October with their newest episodes; this is the first time that Riverdale will air in the fall after starting out being a midseason.

Do we think that a major Riverdale crossover is possible in theory? Sure, but the challenge comes in finding a way to make it happen that shifts the entire structure and focus of what the show is. Hence, having it be a dream experience. This is a show that has to date been set within a world of reality, there Aguirre-Sacasa has said in the past that he’s toyed around with a zombie concept after being involved with that in the Archie Comics world. We almost think in some ways that it’s more likely that Riverdale could cross over with Supernatural, given that there are some elements in there that would make sense given that Sam and Dean Winchester do often travel around to small communities to deal with problems. Oh, and they’re also doing a crossover with Scooby-Doo this coming season, and nothing is stranger than that. It would probably have to be planned out far in advance, but that’s the only real issue.

Would you ever want to see a Riverdale crossover in any form?

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